Colchester hairdresser recommendations. Help!

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SunshineLou76 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:21:42

Hi give hair & Beauty connection a go, they are opposite smiths bar in church street, i was recommended this salon 6 months ago and i wont go anywhere else, my stylist is Naomi she is superb, give her a call 01206 548033

piggywigwig Wed 15-Aug-12 10:23:04

I'd recommend Alter Ego in North Hill - they can do "funky", cutting-edge (excuse the pun) and mainstream hairdressing. It's a fabulous experience, not budget-level but definitely well worth it for the luxurious treatment and care that you get. I actually got a proper consultation and the iPads were an added bonus lol!

meboo Tue 07-Aug-12 14:12:24

I was about to ask the same question, saw an old thread recommending FUBAR. I am very fussy and normally go to london to have my hair done as I like a 'funky' hair cut and so I am very nervous of choosing somewhere. I actually live outside of Colchester and had a disastrous experience in a local salon, so I am looking for recommendation too please?

Parachutes Sat 21-Jul-12 17:38:10

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.

LadyHM Sat 21-Jul-12 14:07:43

Hi Parachutes, try Benjamin Charles on North Hill opposite Strada, they have lovely massage chairs and their prices are very reasonable for the excellent service. Think its 577764. Good luck

fluffacloud Fri 20-Jul-12 15:29:52

Mane Creation in Lions Walk are very good.

Allice Wed 18-Jul-12 13:44:16

I've recently been to Envy on Old Heath Road, it was good and not too expensive.

Newtothisstuff Wed 18-Jul-12 13:41:35

I really like Feathers on Queen Street, not cheap but worth it

Parachutes Wed 18-Jul-12 13:25:05

Hi, would be really grateful if anyone can recommend a good hairdresser (highlights/colour) in Colchester. TIA

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