Young mum needing baby groups.

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Youngmumma Fri 11-May-12 14:27:42

Hiya I'm new to this,
I'm 19 and got a (nearly) 9month old son.
I need information on good baby groups around the Colchester area? Now he's moving about abit more he is getting frustrated at staying in.
Anyone know any really good groups?

StellaNova Mon 14-May-12 11:08:15

Hello! What bit of Colchester are you in? There seem to be a few mums with youngish babies who go to the Christchurch (Maldon Rd) group on a Tues morning (mine are a bit older) its not a baby group per se, there are older children too. There's a religious element at the end, story and songs, but some people do leave before that if they are not into that kind of thing I have noticed :-) Its £2. There's another one on Fridays which is smaller, run by parents, also £2.
I have heard that there's a good group on Mondays at the church on North Hill but I haven't been myself. I have also heard there's one at Kingsland (?) church in Stanway which is nice,again not sure how "baby" it is as opposed to toddler. Oh, there's also an NCT one every other Friday at the Quaker Meeting House near the Mercury Theatre, again I haven't been for ages so don't know how many babies as opposed to toddlers are there.
Also the library in town does baby singing etc on Wednesday mornings (and some other days I think), it's usually quite crowded.
I'm sure other people can do better recs, I just wanted to make sure you got a reply!

R2PeePoo Tue 15-May-12 17:06:07

There is a baby group at the Eld Lane Baptist Church by Boots in town. Its upstairs (the one downstairs is for 2+) on a Monday I think and possibly another day too.
There is also one in the Salvation Army building at the end of Butt Road usually but that has been moved to the Eld Lane church as well whilst renovations are continuing.
Another is on wednesday mornings at 9.45am in a small church by Wilkinsons/QD in town. Its on Abbey Gate St (the butchers is on the corner of this road).
I have seen signs up for a story/song time in Prettygate library as well as colchester library but I don't know when that is or even if it is still going.
There is a group at the first site building by the bus station, but I don't know much about that one either.

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