Anyone fancy coffee?

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Mama1980 Fri 20-Apr-12 07:55:16

Hi i have a 4 year old son grew up here but relatively new back-just recovered from illness and am ready to get my life back! smile so just wondering if thee were any mums about fancy coffee/cake someday and a chat?

StellaNova Thu 26-Apr-12 13:29:44

Hi there, I also have a four year old son (and a two year old), and also grew up here (well, nearby) and also relatively new back (a year)! I am always up for coffee and cake.

Which part of Colchester are you? Sorry to hear you have been ill, glad you are better now.

I am guessing you are 5 years younger than me going by your nickname, although 1980 could refer to anything of course!

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