Hopefully moving to Colchester soon!!

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Petandzar Sun 15-Apr-12 22:59:15

Hi All!
I am looking at relocating to Colchester soon, with my daughter, and my partner.
I live in Lancashire at the moment and hate it! Am looking for some help on a few things,Schools, Rainbows, and drama or dance classes! My little girl goes to Rainbows and drama class at the moment, and thought it would help her settle! (even though she is very confident and adaptable!) I've seen a few schools, the one that has caught my eye at the moment s Montgomerys Infant school, I've had a look outside and looks good, anybody know of it, or children go there? The Ofsted results are fab!! Also, Rainbows, I've seen a few in the same area, anybody know of one that is good?! Finally, dance or Drama Classes, don't want to/can't afford to pay a term, I currently pay £3.50 a class up north, and looking for something along those lines!! Can anybody help?!?
Thankyou, and looking forward to being part of the forum, and Colchester!,

Hello, I don't know anything about Montgomery's, can you do a visit before you commit? If Ofsted rate it, that's encouraging smile

There is a drama group at The Arena in Colchester on Wednesday early evenings. The Headgate Theatre run a drama group on Saturday mornings I believe. They also run drama workshops in some half terms and holidays. My son has been twice and loved it.

There is a lot going on, I'm sure you'll settle in in no time.

queenofthefairies Tue 24-Apr-12 21:05:28

I can recommend some schools to you- what area of Colchester will you be hoping to live in?

Montgomery is a good school... Its the best in the area (South Colchester). But it's in the middle of the Garrison (where the army families live)

Pretty gate and Stanway Primary are good schools in West Colchester.

St Georges infants and juniors are lovely schools- best located in central Colchester. Although St James and Willow Brook are not too bad.

East Colchester- I would send to one of the central school above or Millfields in Wivenhoe.

Don't know about schools in North Colchester.

Hope that helps!

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