Anyone Highwoods/Myland area? Mother and toddler groups?

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CardyMow Wed 21-Dec-11 01:52:20

I have been living here for 7 years, I have 4 dc. Three of them are quite a bit older now (13yo, 9yo and 8yo), my youngest is 10mo. What Mother and baby/Toddler groups run in this area?

I know there used to be a Monday one at Highwoods Community Centre, a Tuesday one at the Ark, and a Wednesday one at Highwoods Community centre - but that was when DS2 (my 8yo) was tiny. Are they still running, and if so, what times? And would they be suitable for a crawling / cruising / climbing 10/11mo? He is too big for the group we were going to, the other babies aren't really mobile, and I'd like to start taking him somewhere after Christmas, DS3 will be 11mo by then.

And are there any other baby / toddler groups nearby? Anywhere from the Hospital /Queen B school area to Ipswich road Highwoods end? (No car, and school runs to Highwoods primary from Water tower area of Myland/Highwoods).

blondieminx Fri 30-Dec-11 15:46:58

Hi, does this help?

Baby Book&sub_section=Baby and Toddler Groups baby book list of groups by day of the week in Colchester

Also there's NCT town tots group in the town centre

And if you can get together with another (driving) mummy then this is great for wearing them out!!!

Sawyer64 Sun 08-Jan-12 19:11:44

If you can get into myland,up by the school end,at St Michaels Church hall,there is one on a Thursday at 10.00am,and there's one at the methodist Church on a Tuesday at 9.30am I believe too.

TattyDevine Fri 20-Jan-12 08:22:24

There are quite a few things at The Ark, run by Orniston's, I'll link in a tick. Also, there is baby gym thing at the gymnastics school up near the water tower roundabout jobby I'll link to that too in a tick hold on.

TattyDevine Fri 20-Jan-12 08:29:13

Okay here's the "What's on" link - in a nutshell, there's something on 10-12 on a Tuesday at the ARK (parent and toddler, babies fine, I've been to that one, there's a good mix) and something from 10 till 11:30 at Highwoods community centre on a Wednesday (called "first steps").

And Baby Gym details - Brinkley Grove Road. Myland is great for kids eh?

TattyDevine Fri 20-Jan-12 08:30:21

Baby gym is every day, I think at 10am depending on age, website will have details, but its great for filling in gaps on days where you have nothing on, only hassle is its fairly early but if you have kids at school you'll be up and presentable anyway!

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