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eob Thu 12-Jan-12 13:35:22

Hi, i know this thread was started in November, but i thought i'd try my luck that you will all see this! I've just moved to Coggeshall 2 weeks ago with my 4 children (11, nearly 6 nearly 4 and 2), and i'm just wondering how you are settling in? I am really hoping to make a few friends soon as the last few weeks were concentrated on the kids settling in!

Helzapoppin Wed 23-Nov-11 19:18:18

I've heard really good things about all 3 schools, especially St Mary's. We live in Coggeshall and plan to send our DD to Soaring High, which is a private Montessori primary in Coggeshall. It's lovely and worth looking at their website if you are still considering options.
Good luck with the moves, we moved here a little while back and it's lovely and a great place to raise a family.

Saz126 Wed 23-Nov-11 14:44:37

Hi Bouviergirl, just come on to say hi too. I can't give too much advice as my little boy has only just started at St Mary's. We are very happy with the school. My friends children go to Feering and are very happy there too. Hopefully someone will come on with some info on St Peter's.

BeenLivingAbroad Tue 22-Nov-11 20:02:34


I can't give any advice on schools, but thought I would say hi. I'm moving to Coggeshall next week (currently living in Stockholm) and I have an energetic 3.5 year old boy (as well as a 14 month girl). We plan to apply to St Peters as first choice for our son. We looked round the schools in Coggeshall and Kelvedon and liked them both.

Bouviergirl Fri 18-Nov-11 09:39:39

Hello All

We are looking to move into the area and would like to hear 'the word on the street' locally about these 3 primary schools please! We have the Ofsteds and the schools' own reports etc, but would like to find out what people at the school gate think! Our son is a bright, energetic, sports-loving 3.5 yo with great talking. We're wondering whether to move into Coggeshall village and go for St Peter's as no. 1 choice, for the benefits of living/schooling in same place.

Thanks for your help.

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