New mum moving to colchester

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MovetotheMusic Fri 20-Jan-12 13:27:39

There is a new Pre-School Dance Classes starting in February 2012. A parent & Toddler Class and a Baby Ballet Class.

Page on facebook has more details​MoveToTheMusicDanceCl​asses email is

Great fun, good for development and fantastic way to meet other mums!

MummyPowell1 Wed 30-Nov-11 15:56:25

I moved to Colchester in March and now have a 5 week old boy. I know no one in colchester :O(

ElizabethPonsonby Tue 22-Nov-11 11:58:06

Try St Peters baby and Toddler group on North Hill, just down the side of the Noodle Bar. It's Mondays 10-12. I used to run it, now being run by a good friend. It's £2 for under 1's, £2.50 over (but is only one payment per family). Kids get a snack, mums and dads get all the tea and biscuits they can handle, and there is singing / dancing at the end. We do ask you to help tidy up the toys at the end if able.

[shameless plug emoticon]

Parkernat Tue 09-Aug-11 21:57:54

Hi Tia,

I just moved to Colchester in May an have a 6month old baby girl, did you manage to find any baby groups? Recommendations would be great and still feel like I don't know anyone! Need a happy, fun group smile

Natasha smile

Lainey1981 Fri 20-May-11 16:55:17

Hi kirstie,
That would be lovely. Are you pregnant with your first?
Pm me re meeting up smile

kirstielockyer Tue 17-May-11 11:56:53

HI Lainey

I am 28 weeks pregnant and live just near Colchester, I would be more than happy to meet up for walk and maybe coffee to talk babies etc lol be nice to meet new mums. Hope your settled in ok now, x

Lainey1981 Tue 22-Feb-11 11:27:01

Hi pia

Sorry have only just seen your reply. Thank you.

We are moving next weekend so I will check your recommendations out.
What part of colchester do you live in? Am moving to dutch quarter

piahigsy Thu 03-Feb-11 07:23:32


Im also 29 and moved here in the summer with my one year old. We attend Jo Jingles, which have a classes all over Colchester..we sometimes go to Go Bananas soft play area and also swimming at Colchester Leisure world as they have baby and toddler sessions. We go to our local library on a Monday (stanway) as they have a session where they sing etc. I know they do these at other libraries in the area too.

Saying that I havent really got to meet any local if anyone replies with a recommended mum and baby group I will be interested!

Lainey1981 Wed 02-Feb-11 16:27:57

Hello all,

I am 29 andhave a 9 week old ds.
We are am moving to colchester in a few weeks, and feeling a bit overwhelmed as don't know anyone in the area apart from dp's family.
Does anyone have any recommendations of how I can meet other local mums?

TIA smile

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