Moving to Coggeshall on Friday - any advice and friendly hellos welcome!

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bowbluebell Mon 01-Nov-10 20:53:10

We are (finally) moving to Coggeshall on Friday. I am so excited as the move from London has been a couple of years in the pipeline.
So I just thought that I'd say hello now that I'm a local and ask for any tips for places to go and avoid!
I think that it won't be too long before we venture to Baumann's. I am thinking about sending my 2 year old to Absolute Angels Montessori nursery, which I have heard good things about.
Does anyone know where I can find someone willing to come and clean for half a day a week. I'm splitting my working time between Norwich and London, so I will need someone to keep us out of squalour!
Where is good to meet people? Where do the nice, low-key, down to earth mums hang out? I'm quite friendly but scare easily!
And finally, can anyone suggest a really good hairdresser?

Thanks and hello again


Anachie Sun 24-Jun-12 14:45:29

Baumann's is hit and miss. Can be great depending who cooking. Rather neglected by Mark as he now off on TV, Radio, etc rather than running his restaurant.

The Clockhouse Tearooms does great food. The Chef cooks great food at much more reasonable prices, as you are not paying for the name like you are in Baumann's. His wife also bakes the most amazing cakes.

The Black Boy has a really friendly welcome. Good food and a lovely atmosphere when they arrange theme nights. Home made pork pies and pasties are so much better than shop bought, and a great selection of beers.

The local Indian restaurant is OK, but most people prefer the one in Kelvedon.

The ladies hairdressers are OK but arguably not worth the prices they want to charge, you can looking around find better in nearby Colchester, The local Gentlemans barber shop The Deamon Barber is great value for gents cuts, welcoming and a great part of the community, fund raising for charitable causes.

As for schools, the local primary is good on paper, but some feel the teaching is not strict enough and behaviour with some teachers not as good as it could be. A number of parents therefore send their children to Kelvedon and are happier with the results they see.The local secondary school is good, and science focused, the local school children however don't do much for their school's reputation, dropping litter in the streets and playing in the lcoal playground which is meant for younger kids and toddlers.

The local DIY shop seems to have all sorts of stuff in stock, just ask if you can't find what you are looking for. Stuff for the garden, the car, the kitchen, dry-cleaning, knive and shear sharpening. They also with order in stuff if you want something not in stock.

The local Fish and Chip shop also sells burgers, kebabs, wraps, chicken, and the most amazing pizzas. Freshly made from their own home made dough rather than pre-bought bases they are to tasty.

There is a bus service to Colchester and Chelmsford (£5.30 and £6.30 return respectively) plus a mini-bus to Kelvedon for just a £1 run by the people of Coggeshall.

Saz126 Fri 06-May-11 14:18:47

haha MadameC! hope you are all well. x
Salfin, that would be great. We are not around next week but Tuesday 17th is good for us. There is also another Mum whose little one is in Swallows and has to wait the 45 minutes between sessions so I will try to catch her too and we'll all head off to the park (it's not far at all, just down the walk way on the other side of the road to the pre-school) Look forward to seeing you then x

MadameCastafiore Fri 06-May-11 11:57:56

Don't meet up with her - she will have you trecking miles - all I ever see her do is walk!!!! (ha ha Hope you well Saz jx)

salfin Thu 05-May-11 21:49:30

Hi Sara,

Thanks for introducing yourself on tuesday. It would be great to meet up outside pre school too, We have 45 minutes to kill on tuesdays after the morning session as Declan attends the afternoon session too. Went to the co-op and sat in the car last week (not sure where the park is yet)! So if you are not in too much of a hurry perhaps we could take the boys to the park one week. Anyway see you next tuesday.


Saz126 Mon 02-May-11 14:21:51

Hi salfin, I haven't managed to work out which mum is you! I hope you are settling in ok. Maybe we can arrange for our boys to meet outside pre-school if you would like? Even just half an hour at the playground, and I can then introduce you to other mums. I'm quite shy too but find the people here very friendly so it helps alot. x

Helzapoppin, if you ever fancy a trip to Kelvedon then it would be lovely to meet you and your DD. My DD is 22 months and a little madam!

We definitely need to start organising some more meet ups!

salfin Sun 01-May-11 15:58:07

There does seem to be a lot on but unfortunately my youngest is at nursery most mornings but I think I will try to get to Earls Colne one Monday. I m really enjoying the 'village life' and I agree the people in Buntings are fantastic!
Like you I guess I am little reserved but I think that is mainly shyness. I am hoping once Declan starts school in September I will feel more able to start chatting to other mums.
I need to find some sort of childcare for September for a couple of hours on Monday evening and a couple of hours Tuesday morning so if you have any ideas or know of anyone...

Helzapoppin Wed 30-Mar-11 21:26:29

Hi Sally

We've lived in Coggeshall for five months now and it's lovely. It's taken me a while to get to know people, but everyone has been friendly and there are lots of things to do here.

I go to the Toddler Group at Christchurch Hall on a Thursday (10-11.30 I think) where everyone is friendly and happy to have a chat and to singing and stories at the library before that (9.30 I think, can never remember the time!). There's also story time at the library on a Tuesday. My daughter also loves the swimming sessions at Honeywood pool, which she goes to with her Granny (thank goodness, it's way too cold for me!). To be honest, I sometimes get chatting to people and sometimes not. I'm a little reserved and have come to accept that it takes me a little while to make friends with people (although I have to say I bonded pretty quickly with the man at the cheese van, Dean and Paul at Buntings and Carine at the clock tower, who my 2 year old daughter adores!)

NCT coffee afternoons are on a Wednesday for Kelvedon and Coggeshall (according to their website)- I intend to be going once my next baby is born.

Also, did you know that there is a Children's Centre at Earl's Colne? Does lots of activities. We sometimes go to messy play on a Monday.

My husband gets on the bus too and it works well (we've just sold our second car as we realised we had not used it since we moved!) and my mum gets on the bus coming the other way as she comes to look after DD while I'm at work 2 days a week. Mum is now great friends with all the drivers and seems to know all the village gossip now!

Saz126 Thu 24-Mar-11 22:52:29

My little boy is in Swallows on Tuesday and Wednesday too. I'll look out for you- I'm sure you don't look worn out but I have much admiration for you managing four little ones as I struggle with just two! I will have a little girl with me also, with black and red buggy, I'll try to find you next Tuesday.

salfin Thu 24-Mar-11 14:07:26

HI sarah, yes it is Kelvedon and Feering pre-school, he goes on tuesday and wednesday mornings in Swallows. My other three are in yrs 2,3 and 5 at Kelvedon. It would be great to meet some other mums- thankyou! I'm the one looking rather worn out, probably in a nurses uniform! look forward to meeting you!

Saz126 Wed 23-Mar-11 21:29:35

Hi Sally, which pre-school does little one go to? If Kelvedon and Feering then I am there most mornings and will introduce you to a few people so that at least we can all chat at drop off and pick up!

salfin Sat 19-Mar-11 21:05:12

Hi there,
We have just moved to Coggeshall 2 weeks ago and loving our new house, my 3 eldest children have have just finished their first week at Kelvedon St Mary's and are quite happy, my youngest has just done 2 days at the pre-school and 2 days at Little angels- both of which are lovely, my hubby is enjoying getting the community bus to kelvedon station every day to London and so it now leaves me realising that I don't know anyone!!! Any suggestions. I'm doing the smiley thing every school drop off and pick up but not quite brave enough to just go over to someone and introduce myself! Does anyone know of a local nct group or other social network I could pop along to?

notsosexylexy Mon 31-Jan-11 11:15:00

OOh great thanks for all the meeting places, although looks like i will have to wait a while till i can attend some of these as mine bump has yet to arrive.
Will def. be in touch with all the local mums when start my maternity leave in June.
I love the Clock Tower Too!

Saz126 Fri 28-Jan-11 14:43:30

Hi Jo,

There are a few local groups:

Monday - Easterford Road Toddler Group from 9.30am
Tuesday - I think there is a group at Silver End Childrens Centre but have never been.
Wednesday - 9.30am Jo Jingles music class (from 6 months old I think)
Wednesday - 10am Toddler Group at Feering Community Centre in term time
Wednesday afternoon - I think there is still an NCT coffee, details on NCT website
Thursday - 10.30am Little Lambs at the United Reformed Church on the High St (I found this was good for babies too and to meet other mums)
I can't think of anything on a Friday in the village but plenty more further afield.

I have a 4 year old and 18 month old, and out and about in the village most days, and currently training for a 14 mile walk so trekking up to Feering and back to get a bit fitter!

I hope you are settling back OK.

mrsjojop Sun 23-Jan-11 22:27:21

Hi there,
I have just moved back to Kelvedon (been abroad for 4 years)
I have a 4mth old daughter - looking to meet any other local new mums
Any info on local groups / coffee mornings etc much appreciated


Sadelili Sun 23-Jan-11 11:06:31

I should add my telephone number is 07763735716! confused

Sadelili Sun 23-Jan-11 11:02:02

Hi there, hope your move to Coggeshall has gone well. I live in Kelvedon and think it's a lovely place to live. My two children attend St Nicholas in Tolleshunt D'arcy which I find to be an excellent school.
In reply to your question about hairdressers, I am a local mobile stylist and I visit many homes in the area. I work in a salon part time and do my mobile clients around that at much reduced prices. I'm up to date with the latest trends and use the best quality Loreal proffessional products. Give me a call if you would like to get a quote or arrange an appointment! smile

Helzapoppin Fri 21-Jan-11 18:21:56

Hello Lexy and other Coggeshall mums. We've been here since November now (I started the thread and then namechanged- sorry!) and it seems lovely. I'm expecting number 2 in August- so it would be lovely to arrange some meet ups in the summer.

My daughter has fallen in love with Carine at the clock tower tea rooms and so we eat far to much cake on my days off at the moment (she is an amazing cakemaker!)

madperson Thu 13-Jan-11 15:53:38

Hello and welcome
absolute angels are FAB!!!!!
I TRAVELLED 20 minutes to the nursery and I am so glad that I did. Sarah who owns the nursery is lovely. Both my children are at primary school nowand are excelling in reading and writing. I cant rave enough about the place. GFood moving. Remember to breath............

madperson Thu 13-Jan-11 15:53:15

Hello and welcome
absolute angels are FAB!!!!!
I TRAVELLED 20 minutes to the nursery and I am so glad that I did. Sarah who owns the nursery is lovely. Both my children are at primary school nowand are excelling in reading and writing. I cant rave enough about the place. GFood moving. Remember to breath............

notsosexylexy Thu 13-Jan-11 11:21:51

Hello All you Coggashall Mums.
I just signed up to Mumsnet yesterday so have not quite figured it all out yet.
I have just moved to the area too.
I am expecting my first Baby in July and am both very nervous and excited.
I currantly work Full time in London but will be going on Maternity Leave at the begging of June and I would love to be invited to any meetings up!
Hopeing to meet you all shortly
Not so sexy Lexy - Sorry about the Stupid name it was the first that came to mind with my growing bump!

Saz126 Wed 22-Dec-10 14:14:23

haha Madame C, you can set your watch by my walking trips! You'd think I'd be as skinny as a rake but no such luck. grin

Alouiseg Tue 21-Dec-10 21:19:08

Excellent grin

MadameCastafiore Tue 21-Dec-10 21:04:11

I had Stephanie - she is lovely too!

I have to say (and I have started a couple of threads raving about how great is and how much I have to thank you!) - I am going to have it all whipped off next time was so pain free - she did say the word lips quite a lot though which was a bit weird - not if you are a beautician I suppose but was a bit funny - ha ha funny not yucky funny or weird!

Alouiseg Tue 21-Dec-10 21:00:52

Glad you thought Alison was good, I need an appointment but she's so bloody busy!!

MadameCastafiore Tue 21-Dec-10 20:57:29

Here is fab hairdresser Georgian House and for any beauty treatments Sarah there is fab but for waxing go to Alison Byrne - Alouisleg told me to go there and I had my first pain free bikini wax today!).

For food - Blue STrawberry in Hatfield Peveral, get chinese takeawy from Yings in Witham (is far nicer than anywhere else for miles around!), Indian - we use the one in Kelvedon (is across road from us and they deliver so am biased but is veery good!), Lion Inn in Boreham is fab for a meal out and there kids meals are good too.

Saz is lovely but she walks a lot wink see her strolling around the village most days!!

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