new to area and looking to meet new mums

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HollyAF94 Wed 11-Sep-13 12:59:57

Hi, i'm new to colchester too. Due my baby in december. I'm 19 and finding it hard to meet any friends cause i don't drive and don't have anyone to tell me the best places to go. I'd liske to meet up if you fancy it x

NestMaker Wed 08-May-13 12:39:41

Hi Valbona, you must be very close to giving birth now if you haven't already.

I'm 33 with a 7 week old baby girl and relatively new to Colchester. I am looking to start getting out and about and meeting people with young babies as this is my first and I'm clueless and she doesn't do what the books say!

There seems to be a lot of baby stuff going on in Colchester, I have been to a few activities, your health visitor will probably give you lots of leaflets when she comes to visit you.

Hi fizackie, 9 months seems like a lovely age, I'm finding my DD is much more fun now she is chatting and interacting.

If anyone would like to meet for coffee I'm always keen to get out of the house to meet new people smile

fizackie Thu 11-Apr-13 19:33:12

Hi. I'm completely new to mumsnet so was just having a browse and saw your message! I'm 27 with a nine month old so don't know if that's any good for you as you probably want to chat to someone expecting at a similar time but I'm here if you need a chat or anything! Though I haven't sussed out how all these messages and things work quite yet! X

Valbona1975 Wed 10-Apr-13 10:13:38

Hi Ladies.
I am new in Colchester, my husband is working abroad and i am completely lost and lonely, i am 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, its my first, I am very new to all this.

I live near B&Q and i am 37 years old.

Will like to meet up with some new mums in Colchester..Or please any advice..!
Ill appreciate anything..sad

BreeLazyDaisy Wed 04-Jul-12 15:22:09

Hi There,
Just in case you are interested I run an anatenatal class which combines yoga based movement, breathing techniques, antenatal education and relaxation. Following MAT leave my classes are starting again on Sun 2nd September at 10am at Prested Hall Feering. Take a look at the website, and see what you think, my contact details are on there too if you have any questions. Its very different to NCT etc.
B x

Nettiespagetti Thu 09-Sep-10 05:57:30

tabby I'd book in soon as you can for Nct classes. If your lucky the people you meet can provide you with great network of mums. We have been meeting for 4 years now.

Good luck

tabbycat76 Wed 08-Sep-10 09:58:52

Hi MissisBoot - yeah I've found Colchester twins club on the net and will definately be joining. Sounds like a good supportive network - I wonder at what stage you can join tho, I'm only 16 weeks at the mo, does that matter?!

As fro yoga - yep I'll be giving that a try too, never done it before so should be interesting! I appreciate your post tho and advice, I'll check out the link for the yoga, esp since it'll be right near me.

Yep just over a week to go until the big move. We've still got loads of packing to do and busy shifts and night work to contend with.... eek, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day at the mo, but we'll get there!

Thanks a lot!

MissisBoot Tue 07-Sep-10 11:36:23

Hi Tabbycat - there is lots to do in Colchester especially with a young family.

Congratulations on your twins! How exciting. Friends of mine who have had twins have found Colchester Twins Club very helpful and supportive.

For more pregnancy and regular yoga I can recommend my friend's yoga class. She does her classes in Myland so not far from where you will be.

Good luck!

tabbycat76 Wed 01-Sep-10 18:36:43

Thanks mung - will definately check out the pregnancy yoga - I'd looked on the net too but hadn't found anything. My mum suggested I come back up to Ipswich for it but thought it a bit of a trek! Glad the leisure pool do aquanatal too! Apparently you have to be over 16 weeks to start aquanatal but I wonder if it's different when carrying twins? Something to ask my consultant or midwife.

Hadn't thought of shiatsu massage tho. Don't really know much about it but I'll certainly look into it. I don't plan to fall pregnant again (unless 2 boys, hehe!) so I want to do as much as I can and enjoy it!!

So much to do, NCT classes aswell. I'd just like to form a network of friends really and I've always thought that having kids makes it a bit easier, well I'm sure NCT classes will help!

Really appreciate you help mung. I'd like to think the move will go well, still so much to pack and sort out, 2 weeks ish and counting! Then I'll be an Essex girl, eek!!!! ;)

Mung Tue 31-Aug-10 20:03:32

I'd really recommend the pregnancy yoga at the lifeforce centre on East Hill. It's on a Wednesday evening and i loved it. The lady who runs advertises in the local NCT magazine but nowhere else, as far as I can tell. I searched for classes on the Internet and found nothing. A friend saw her ad in the magazine and gave her a call.
My NCT group aren't as close as Pooters, but it was good to have the contacts when DC1 was born.
Leisure World does an Aquanatal class.

I could also recommend shiatsu massage with Helen Rebello. I had it during my pregnancy and after and it was wonderful.

Hope the move goes well.

tabbycat76 Tue 31-Aug-10 16:11:36

Ah thanks a lot mung and pooter! Not really familiar with Colchester but I'm sure it's a great place to bring up kids etc! It's just the timing really for us that makes me apprehensive. Pregnant with twins in an area where there's little known support from family or friends, but now I feel much better knowing there's stuff going on! I can't wait to meet new people and start a new chapter if you like!

I'm due 21st Feb so not for a while but will probably go on Mat leave mid Decemeber - ha, I'll probably be forced to by being so huge!

I'm considering joining an NCT class, but also Yoga and Aquanatal classes. Would you know if your local pool does aquanatal guys?

Yes that'd be fab mung to meet up. Move date is 17th so not long! Let me know if anything materialises with re to a social and I'll pop along! I won't be letting a house move get in the way of getting out and about! ;)

Thanks both of you, I appreciate your getting in touch.

pooter Sun 29-Aug-10 19:05:26

hI Tabby, Colchester is a gteat place to live 0- so much going on for children. Have a look here and you will get a flavour of what's on offer.

Are you going to join an NCT class? I met a fantastic group of women through mine and we still meet up weekly 4 yrs on!

There are a couple of MNers in myland, i;m in braiswick but not much use to you as we will probably be moving before xmas (if i ever get my finger out and start tidying!)

Im sure you will like it here smile

Mung Sun 29-Aug-10 12:07:45

Hi Tabbycat
Congratulations...twins... how exciting for you. When are they due?
There are a few friendly MN people in Myland and plenty of others around the area. Things have been a bit quiet lately on here, but hopefully once the summer holidays are over people will get their lives back to normal.
Once you have settled in, let us know and we can all meet up somewhere.

tabbycat76 Fri 27-Aug-10 18:16:17


My husband and I are moving to Colchester (Myland way) from Ipswich mid September due to his work, and we're currently expecting twins! It's our first pregnancy and as a new and expectant mum, I'm looking to meet new mums for coffee and general socials as I'll know absolutely no-one! I'm 33 and am sociable, love most things! Anyone fancy meeting up?? Hope to hear from you! Mx

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