Meet-ups in St John's Wood or Primrose Hill

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scalise Sat 12-Dec-09 12:14:23

There are a group of mum's who meet on Friday's for coffee at Carluccio's at 10am.

Also lots of mum's take their kids to gymbaree and rockabye babies.

There's also mini p's performance classes and another type of gym class in the local synagogue.

eandz Thu 19-Nov-09 12:59:00

hi guys, have you already met up? if not count me in.

MummyNW8 Wed 30-Sep-09 13:00:37

Hi, I am near St John's Wood and also looking to meet other mums, are you still around? Looking forward to hearing from you.

ramsi Sat 18-Apr-09 07:45:44

Hi, we are moving back to St John's Wood from Paris next month. Would love to meet some mums in the neighbourhood, and keen to know of any meet-ups (with or without kids in tow) in the area. Thanks!

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