lloyd williamson nursery notting hill

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Asha316 Sat 07-Jun-14 23:18:32

Hi Mumblemumble

I am currently looking at this nursery and have the same concerns two years later. I have found very few reviews online. Can you please PM me if you have any further info?

yumskimumski Sat 05-Oct-13 10:28:43

My brother's DD was at this nursery for about a year (aged less than 2)and was very happy. Brother then moved to another part of London and says his DD misses Lloyd Williamson and how much of a class act it was compared to what he's got now.

Mumblemumble Fri 14-Sep-12 16:17:58

anyone know this nursery and able to comment? i'm looking for an advance place but not able to view it quite yet so looking for endorsements.

They sound lovely on the phone and the sister nursery has a high ofsted score. I had a good feeling from speaking to them but then discovered the notting hill ofsted score isn't that great

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