New to UK/London and Maida Vale - any nursery school recommendations?

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Pollockkk Tue 18-Dec-12 20:27:05

The Playhouse on Lanark Road (opposite St George School) is fabulous. Very dedicated and caring staff, very small number of children.

Norange Fri 08-Jun-12 11:17:43

I live in St. Johns Wood and I´m also looking for nursery form my 2 yrs DD.
I alread visited Abercorn School and Toddlers Inn, both are good but I would like to have more options. I´m considering Maida Vale too, even not been walking distance...

Boovary Sun 29-Apr-12 15:06:35

I've heard that Mary Patterson and Dorothy Gardner are fab

welovesausagedogs Fri 30-Mar-12 14:59:53

Dorothy Gardner is fab, have loads of friends who have sent their kids their over the year, good old fashioned nursery school, do letters, numbers and loads of fun activities.

ashleey2012 Fri 30-Mar-12 14:49:37

Hi mums, we just moved to London (from the States) this past weekend and found a flat on Sutherland Avenue in Maida Vale. We are wondering if you have any recommendations on good nursery schools within walking distance of us. We are hoping to find one that can still offer us a few morning sessions... I tried Windmill Montessori, and they have a 2 year waitlist?! Still waiting to hear back from Little Sweethearts (the next closest nursery to us)? Any recommendations? How far do you walk to get to your nursery? We'd welcome any tips you might have for where to shop and visit nearby.

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