Nanny to share in Marylebone/Paddington area - babies particularly welcome!

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margoandjerry Fri 16-Mar-12 16:29:58

My 2.5 yo will be starting school (nursery class) in September. His sister (5yo) is already at school. I'd love to keep our live-out nanny who has been with us for 5 years - for holidays and after school - but she'd need some work during the day. She'd particularly love another baby to look after and I think that would work well for us too. Just in case anyone out there is looking for some hours of one-to-one nannying for their baby in the day.

Lollie2011 Mon 19-Mar-12 06:09:10

We are looking for a nanny to look after our 5.5 month old on Mondays and Fridays, roughly 8am - 5pm. We live in the Baker Street/Marylebone area. Please let me know if your nanny is interested and we can meet up to discuss.

SweetPea3 Fri 23-Mar-12 12:34:24

I may also be interested in a few days per week - am due in October and live near Marylebone High St. Will PM you.

kingsxmummy Sun 10-Jun-12 20:30:23

I realise I am joining this conversation very late - I have a new baby who will be six months in October when I return to work. I live in Kings Cross an work in the west end and am looking for 2 -3 days a week of child care. Has your nanny sorted out her work load for the autumn - if she hasn't I would be keen to discuss with her.

Many thanks

pimenttel01 Fri 13-Jul-12 19:09:10

Hello Kingsxmummy, sorry for joining the conversation.

I'm a nanny who lives in Brixton 20/30 min by tube from Marylebone, if you don't manage to get in touch with this nanny it would be a pleasure to talk to you about the position you're offering. At the moment I'm working for two families and I'm available to work on Thursdays and Fridays. I can provide you many references and can send you my CV if you feel interested.

Sorry again for answering your post.

Kinds Regards,

pimenttel01 Fri 13-Jul-12 19:10:49

Sorry 20/30 min from Kings Cross I meant.

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