Infant~Parent Observations

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Ocey Wed 12-Oct-11 19:12:35

I am currently doing an MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy at The Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education (IATE) in Islington. A requirement for all Child Psychotherapy courses is a 2 year Infant Observation which comprises of a once weekly (an hour) observation in the baby's home, this is required for 2 years and the baby must be just under a month old. It is observation only & I would not be interacting with the Mother or Baby. The idea is to learn from the interactions between Mother & Baby and the relationship that forms between them. It is purely confidential & non judgemental. I am looking for a willing Mum who can give me a committment of 2 years. I hold a current CRB and the Institute has personally & professionally assessed me. I live on Delaware Road. If anyone is interested please email me:
Thank you! Octavia X

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