Birth at the Countess of Chester Hospital

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olivio123 Sun 22-Jul-12 21:48:38

My daughter who has done everything the right way (got married then got pregant) has finally gone into labour,, although it is a slow one she is still in pain. Shes been up to the hospital 2x, 1st time at 8:30am then again at 7pm only to be turned away again, because shes still only 2cm diulated (fair enough). (She has a room booked for 4am). When they arrived at 7pm she was told she could of stayed, but her husband couldnt?? Im flabbergasted dont they like couples anymore its not exactly welcoming them is it. So rather then my daughter stay there all night on her own she has opted to go back home for another 8hrs in pain, im in bits at the moment im so angry.. This is Chester Hospital so much for marriages and couples aye!

Which would you choose stay in hospital alone or go back to your husband in pain.Not a fair choice really is it?

siobhan3079 Wed 26-May-10 11:54:59

I had my daughter 7 weeks ago at the countess. The staff were amazing during labour and afterwards. Do not worry. I would say take plenty of snacks and drinks and ear plugs..the wards are noisy at night due to bells etc going off xx good luck x

NK7f8567aaX11c089f923f Fri 19-Mar-10 17:36:28

Our dd arrived at the Countess and they were wonderful. It wasn't straightforward (we ended up in transitional care for a week) and it had been a high risk pregnancy but they were fabulous.

DD started to arrive Saturday morning (waters broke Sunday night), and finally graced us with her presence on Thursday, and so we were in and out like we were doing the hokey kokey but they were lovely.

The midwives were just amazing. Good luck, I was really nervous too - let us know how it goes

Suzieboo Thu 18-Mar-10 21:06:58

I had my son there last April and can't praise them enough. I had an emergency section and the staff were fabulous, completely professional but also reassuring and friendly.

On the ward, (I stayed in for 3days), it was clean, the showers were good and the food wasn't bad!! The maternity support workers on the ward are great. A lady called Jean was an angel for me, she basically helped me breastfeed and it was because of her that I was confident enough to feed Tom for 9months. She was absolutely brilliant.

So, basically, The Countess was fabulous for me. I hope it is for you too. good luck!

HelennFred Mon 08-Mar-10 20:58:27

We had our baby at Chester in October and they were brilliant. We had a really lovely midwife who made the while thing relaxing. Would highly recommend the one day antenatal course at the hospital as it makes you feel like you know where you are going a bit better.
Only down side to my experience was the time it took to be discharged after the birth - it was a bit slow - take plenty to drink and some snacks to keep you going in case you are in a while!!

ChesterGal Sat 27-Feb-10 20:21:29

Hi, is this your first birth or just first in our area?

I had my DS in the countess a year ago and they were fab, very into the active birth thing and showers etc were all clean.

The midwives from the countess also run the antenatal aquarobics at northgate arena, or they did in 2008!

mrsdoyle2008 Sat 27-Feb-10 15:13:57

Hello, I am due on 10th July and will be giving birth at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Has anyone got any experience of giving birth there.

Having mild panic that i should get myself organised. Does anyone know of any antenatal swimming classes locally?

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