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BobsWendy Sat 08-Mar-08 21:59:54

Hi I'm moving to Chester in a few weeks with Dh and DS's 2.5 and 1 ... I'm moving and from Dublin.... has anyone any tips or advice for me???

Any local meet up groups etc I can join?

Thanks a mill

dreamydowler Sat 29-Mar-08 11:24:32

Hi Bobswendy where about in Chester are you moving to Im Just up the road in Ellesmere port. Im sure you will settle well its a lovely area and very friendly. Its a small city with Loads to do nearby for you and the children. If you need a hand with anything at all when you move in just buzz me My partner is a handyman and I could show you round if you like too

SaraC1979 Sun 06-Apr-08 19:11:06

Hi Bobswendy,

I moved to Chester a year ago from Manchester Not as far to go as you but it was still daunting not knowing anyone etc.

It is a friendly place with lots to do.
The city is really easy to get around.

What part are you moving to?

I have Dh who was from Ellesmere Port, a DS age 3 and DD age 6 months and another on the way but still in early stages.

BobsWendy Sun 06-Apr-08 21:02:04

hi dreamydowler and SaraC, thanks so much for your messages. We don't have a house rented yet, we hope to by the end of this month, we will be looking on the Wrexham side of Chester as Dh will be working in Wrexham. We're moving on the 1st June, would love to meet up anytime, thanks so much for handyman offers too!
Will keep in touch over next few weeks as I get more info on our address etc.
Thanks again

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