Afterschool care for year 7s

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FrankieBear4 Thu 08-Sep-16 12:08:18

Hi , i need some feedback please...
my daughter has always gone to afterschool club due to my working hours and now as she is at high school its a major problem! the activity clubs provided by the school all end around 4pm.
I understand that kids start o walk home alone/with friends at this age but Im not happy to leave her alone for 3 hours until i arrive home. I dont have family/friends that can help.
Am I alone in this?
Would other parents be willing to pay for afterschool care at their school in the same way as at primary if it was available?

CheshireEditor Mon 12-Sep-16 09:00:46

Hello and welcome to the Cheshire pages. I found I had the same problem when my eldest started secondary school. He's in year 10 now and his after school stuff tends to end 5pm ish and we both tend to be home/working from home now. I am fortunate enough to have my Mum be around when needed in years 7 & 8.

Many childminders offer the service you are talking about, have you tried any? A couple local to here, have a separate room for the high school children to hang out and chill on. Or find a friend of hers from school who is in the same boat and take turns at each others houses, so two of them are together in the house.

It's a tricky one, but gets easier once they are older.

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