Help me choose please? .Wilmslow or Knutsford

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Spindlewood Tue 26-Jul-16 11:21:14

hello , we will be moving to Cheshire at the end of August with a son aged 12 and a daughter 10 . They will go to school in Macc by bus hopefully . We need to rent to start with and want to pick an area where there are lots of community teams, kids , family things to do as well as convenient for shops etc . There are houses available in both areas but I have never lived there or spent much time in the area and am probably going to pick a house online . We live overseas . Is there any opinions you can share as insiders that would be helpful for me to factor in ? Thanks in advance .

CheshireEditor Fri 29-Jul-16 16:11:05

Hello and welcome to the pages, I'm the editor and live in Knutsford so would of course say here! I also have friends in Wilmslow and I grew up there, so also think it is great. Wilmslow is bigger, Knutsford more villagey. Are they going to Kings? If so both areas have a bus that goes to Kings. There is not a lot to rent in Knutsford at the moment, I only know this as a friend has been looking for a decent family house for over six months, can't say for Wilmslow. Even if you ended up renting in Wilmslow and preferred Knutsford or vice versa you could always switch after getting a feel for both. Knutsford has Tatton Park on the doorstep, active football, rugby, gym, dance, athletics, music (it's very own Youth Orchestra) hockey and tennis clubs for children, you are spoilt for choice. Also Scouts are very active. I am sure it's the same for Wilmslow. Perhaps I could help with any specific questions you may have? I have two sons aged 14 and 9 and both are very active and always busy with everything the town has to offer.

Spindlewood Fri 29-Jul-16 20:39:01

Thank you that is very kind and helpful . I have alerts set up on right move for both so hoping something nice will come up ready for September . I appreciate the offer of helping to answer any specifics as well .

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