Hollies Farm Shop

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pippinandtog Wed 29-Jun-16 09:42:28

Anyone tried the Lower Stretton café/ farm shop: would you recommend?

Flouncy Wed 29-Jun-16 18:46:30

I've been in to browse and its lovely, but at a price. My sister meets her, more affluent than me, friends there for food and tells me it's good and reasonable value.

CheshireEditor Wed 06-Jul-16 22:30:29

It's GORGEOUS, a must visit, cafe fab and shop lovely. I've been lots and to there other site in Little Budworth is bigger and also worth a trip!

pippinandtog Thu 07-Jul-16 08:54:10

Been a couple of times now, CheshireEd, for Sunday breakfast.
We have sat outside with our dog, and the cooked breakfasts are delicious.
Then I pop into the farm shop and buy fresh veg for our Sunday dinner.
The staff are very friendly and helpful, and it seems a very popular place; we have gone at 8am when they open, and it soon gets busy, with people turning up with their Sunday papers to read over breakfast.
We will be regular visitors and would recommend to anyone in the area.
I think it would be nice for a ladies' lunch, and the staff tell me that they take table bookings, so I'll be bearing that in mind, too.

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