Is Alderley Edge a family place and community to leave plus schooling?

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NatGarbutt1979 Wed 18-May-16 11:09:17

Hi All.. We are a family of 5, 3 small children 6,4, and 2 years old. Hubby and I are from the North - Yorkshire and Lancashire and we are currently living in a Hertfordshire market town called Harpenden which I am really sad to be leaving. Anyway, we did consider the Bowdon area but I feel having lived in a more rural area Alderley Edge may be more us.. I am just unsure as do not really know the area and my main concern is that is it not for young families ??? Also schools, my 6 year old is at a private school so I am looking at Kings and The Terra Nova school but are they too far out? I would consider the Ryleys but heard is very boy heavy?? I hope someone can help me - making a decision for young children is a difficult one and I am worried I may get it wrong - thanks in advance x

BeginTheBeguine Wed 18-May-16 14:36:05

Alderley Edge is a lovely area, and not far from Wilmslow if you want more choice of shops/toddler groups etc. lots of nice local walks too.

For schools, do you want single sex or co-ed? Just wondering why you haven't looked at AESG.

Terra Nova is quite boarding focussed and only goes up to 13, while Kings goes all the way through to 18. I'm not sure how easy the school run to Macclesfield is - I think older children might get a coach.

I rate Wilmslow Prep personally, I'm not sure Ryleys is quite as good at prepping for senior school entrance.

NatGarbutt1979 Wed 18-May-16 19:51:27

Thanks for you message BeginTheBeguine. I have three children, 2 girls and 1 boy and prefer co ed.. I have heard good things too about Wilmslow Prep but I also heard it has either more girls than boys or the other way around? Can not remember which way... How long would it take me to get in to Wilmslow from AE? x

Frazzled2207 Wed 18-May-16 20:05:11

Wilmslow is very close to AE- 2
Miles at the most.
It's a nice area but overpriced. The kind of place where locals can't afford to buy property anymore due to influx of footballers etc.
Wilmslow is more mixed and has good facilities and direct trains to London. Handforth is next place along and more affordable.

BeginTheBeguine Wed 18-May-16 20:30:41

WPS will have more girls - originally WPS was a girls' school and Ryleys and Pownall Hall all boys. All are now co-ed, but it's taking a while to even out! WPS started by taking boys in kindergarten and reception only, so those first boys are year 3/4 now.

Wilmslow to Alderley Edge is only about 10 minutes drive centre-to-centre, but slower at rush hour.

Do you really want a 3-18 school, or do you want 3-11 then 11-18? If the second, I'd be tempted to do a more local prep school to start, one that prepares well for all the entrance exams. The catch with the 3-18s is that they won't prepare so well for other schools' exams, and the vast majority of secondary schools in the area are academically selective.

If you're thinking of boarding, Terra Nova and Ryleys go up to 13, but you could still go there 11-13 to prep for the common entrance.

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