Please help, need to compare lostock gralam and middlewich

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Bambistuart Mon 16-May-16 15:48:11

Hi there, I'm desperate to hear people's opinions on both these areas. We are looking at moving from Trafford with my 2 sons 7 and 2.

We love houses in both areas but are so torn between the 2 locations.

Being out of the area we would love to know what people think of the areas, and if anyone knows both if they could compare, any opinions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. X

CheshireEditor Tue 17-May-16 11:26:02

Hi there and welcome to our pages! Lostock is much smaller so you'd have to travel further and much more often to go places and do stuff, as it's a village. Northwich 5 mins away with goods shops and a currently being redeveloped town centre.

Middlewich is a town, so bigger more to do, more community stuff. I'd bear in mind what schools there are and likelyhood of getting in, think ahead to high school, are they walkable, is there a bus? etc It's between Winsford and Holmes Chapel, so again options for bigger town and little village. Also Sandbach which is nice and has a Waitrose! So does Northwich!

I think the thing about moving from a busy city to a more countryside location is that it does not take you as long to get from A to B so you move about more quickly and easily. I drop from Sale to Knutsford the other day and it took over an hour, to drive the same distance in the countryside would take a lot less time!

Hope that helps, keep us posted on how you get on.

maddening Mon 20-Jun-16 21:11:22

There is a Facebook page Middlewich mums I think - what is drawing you to those two places in particular?

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