Anyone live in Prestbury? Or Wilmslow?

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pinkpenguins Sat 14-May-16 16:18:17

We think we are moving to either Prestbury or Wilmslow.. But I can't find much online to get advice about what it's like to live there.. Can anyone give an insight? We have three children aged 4,3 and a baby, so good primary schools are crucial, plus a sense of community.

We initially liked Prestbury because it looks pretty, but would love to hear from anyone who lives here and can tell me what it's actually like.

Many thanks in advance

Rubberduck2 Sun 15-May-16 09:35:36

Both lovely places to live.

Prestbury is very quaint, with a lovely little village. Wilmslow is much bigger and has a thriving town.

You'd do well living in either. Schools are good and commuting to Manchester, the airport and m/w links are all easy to get to.

We love it here!!!

CheshireEditor Sun 15-May-16 10:42:32

Hello and welcome to our pages! I agree with Rubberduck. Prestbury cute but V V expensive and not much to do, Wilmslow less ££ and lots to do., which would be a much better bet with children and give your that sense of community. Schools such as Ashdene are fantastic as is Wilmslow High School, on the private site there is Pownall and private schools for both boys and girls, Kings for boys in Macc and Alderley Edge School for girls, can't remember exact name.

My best advice is go find a playground one day and chat to other Mum's who are there, they have the on-the-ground knowledge you are looking for. There is a playground on the corner of South Oak Lane and Gravel Lane which would be a good place to start as any!

pinkpenguins Sun 15-May-16 12:34:48

Thank you both for your responses, it's a big helpsmile

We are taking a look at Prestbury later today and went to the playground I think you mentioned in wilmslow yesterday - thought it was lovely.

Cheshireeditor do you have any knowledge of ashdene school? I have also had this one recommended to me. Is it hard to get into?

Rubberduck2 Sun 15-May-16 12:42:02

Pink can you DM me and I'll reply to you re schools... I'm on my phone and I've no idea how to DM you off it!!!

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