Wilmslow - commute to Buxton?

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Sunny4444 Sat 30-Apr-16 02:20:30

Hi there,
We are moving to Cheshire in a couple of months and trying to work out places to live. My husband will need to commute to Buxton 3 days a week. Wilmslow looks lovely but not sure if too far for commute (with traffic)? we have a 2 year old and expecting baby 2 in August. Looking for somewhere with a great community and plenty going on. Hoping to meet other mums as a totally new area for us. Any advice much appreciated!

CheshireEditor Sun 01-May-16 16:23:41

Hi there and welcome to the pages. I can honestly say it's a trek and a half to Buxton from Wilmslow. It is a hard drive, all hills and country roads. It the weather is bad it is not great and can get cut off over the Winter on the of day. If you get stuck behind a farm vehicle or truck it takes longer. But then again if you are only doing it three days a week it would be doable, but you'd need a robust decent car with some revs! Hope that helps.

Sunny4444 Sun 01-May-16 19:00:14

Thanks that helps a lot. I suspected as much, so helps make decisions. Does anyone know if Prestbury area would be much better in terms of getting to Buxton? Or any other recommendations? Thanks so much!

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