Move advice needed - where? Lym/Cranage/Somerford/Hartford a long list!

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CheshireEditor Tue 12-Jan-16 10:06:51

Hi there,
> We are moving houses very soon but we are still unsure where we want
> to live! Such a difficult decision. We are selling our apartment in
> Sale as we want to move to a bigger place, have a garden, etc. We have
> a 3 year old and looking somewhere nice to bring up family, nice
> parks, good schools, activities for children. It's all very exciting
> but quite stressful too.
> We would love to stay in Sale/Altrincham area but you don't get much
> for your money here, unfortunately... And we fancy something a bit
> more rural. Not too rural though smile
> So, we have been looking at Lymm (lovely but expensive), WIlmslow
> (there's lots of traffic around motorway area every time I've been so
> not sure...) Cranage and Somerford, they seem lovely, we just don't
> know the area at all. Broadband cover is not great and husband works
> from home a lot, so again unsure this is the place for us.
> I am also considering Hartford, Tytherington and Cuddington. But don't
> know these areas either.
> Any advice will be very much appreciated!!!

CheshireEditor Tue 12-Jan-16 10:11:18

Thanks for your email. Have you had a return email after your registered on the site? What I've done is cut and pasted this email and put it on our talk pages just in case you haven't. I can then tweet and facebook our for advice. I am in the non-mega mansion part of Knutsford and have been here over 10 years. Hartford is lovley, with some outstanding primary schools. Tytherington is great for families. Wilmslow great also but more expensive. Hopefully you should get some feedback on the posts and social media. When we moved here from London, we spent a few days driving around the areas we were intersted in, looking at the shops, schools and transport etc Stalking parents at playgrounds and asking lots of questions! This method did prove fruitful with lots of local on the ground knowledge.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

OccasionalTherapy Tue 12-Jan-16 14:12:42

Hi there! This maybe further out than you want, but not too far from Knutsford, Holmes Chapel is lovely. Good schools, places to eat and great community. Further away than that is Sandbach, a market town that's really developed over last 10 years.

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