Macc or cheadle hulme/Bramhall

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scimus Sat 17-Oct-15 00:01:57

We're renting in Wilmslow at the moment and looking to make our big purchase. budget is about 330k but can stretch to 375k ish max. We're in love with Georgian/Victorian houses need the space of a good sized 3 bed. Wilmslow/Alderley are way over budget so looking at surrounding areas. Macc seems to be very affordable and town center has a good supply of old charismatic buildings. Been a few times but not quite sure of the area. Does anyone actually live there and can comment on whether it's a good place for family life, shopping, etc?
On the other hand, we have driven through Cheadle hulme/Bramhall a few times and both are very leafy/suburban, but period homes are bit more expensive (at around 385k ish). Are they worth it?
My husband works in Manc and I work in Wimslow (have to travel to London from time to time) so prefer to be close to the train lines. Are there other areas worth to look at?
School is not a priority at the moment but a good area with good state primary will certainly be a bonus.

M4blues Fri 20-Nov-15 22:12:57

Hi, we lived in Wilmslow until recently. I liked it but with hindsight I wished we'd chosen Bramhall or Ch. I ended up driving to Bramhall lots as that's where all the good baby groups were. Nice village centre too. Their primary schools are very good in Bramhall too. You can get the train to Manchester from either Wilmslow, Bramhall or CH. if you live in B or CH and need to commute to W then you're heading against the traffic so not too bad at all.

M4blues Fri 20-Nov-15 22:17:24

Sorry, I don't remember there being much Victorian housing stock in Bramhall. It seemed like similar 1930s stuff like our house in Wilmslow. I think there was a conservation area in CH with Victorian/Edwardian houses but I can't remember what the streets were called. Sorry. It's def a great place to bring up kids. Good choice of state and independent schools. We only moved due to work commitments.

CheshireEditor Sun 22-Nov-15 09:42:16

I think both are great, I grew up in Wilmslow but do like Bramhall. After 15 years in London we have been in Knutsford for the past 10 years, which is easy to drive to both Macc and Wilmslow from here. Not as much Victorian stock and if there is they have small back yards or you jump into 550K plus for a decent garden. My house is 1930's semi-d which I would not have dreamt of living in as I love Victorian, however it gives the bedrooms and a huge garden. My Dh goes to London a lot for work and he drives to Crewe 20-25 mns as has a massive car park, bigger than Wilmslow/Macc.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you make have.

Loz1982 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:23:05

Hello all.
I'm sorry to butt I'm not actually from Bramhall, Wilsmslow, Cheadle Hulme or Macc!
In fact...I'm afraid our budget wouldn't stretch at the time to such nice areas! (Sigh) so we live in Offerton (albeit a lovely part and with a lovely house and garden!)
However...having friends that live/have lived in all the areas you're discussing...I would personally set my cap at Cheadle Hulme!
We have friends there who are originally from Bramhall and they absolutely love it. They got a fantastic (total ruin and shell at the time!) house a few years ago for around £250k and ploughed about £100k into it. And it's now MY dream home!!!!!!!!!
I have a lovely house but I openly admit to pure unadulterated house/area envy whenever I drive into their road! (Another bigger sigh)
All the areas you're looking at are fab but for me personally, CH is a good mix of everything. Apparently has good schools too according to our friends who have 2 under 10's.
Hope this is of some help smile

Loz1982 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:24:40

PS - Ooops...only just noticed the dates on this post! Hope you managed to find somewhere you love!xx

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