Wind and IBS (yes really!)

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CheshireEditor Sat 18-Jul-15 15:57:36

So let’s talk about wind, not the breezy hill top walk kind, the kind that leaves your stomach bloated like a helium filled party balloon, the kind that causes pain and discomfort, the kind that leaves you needing to rush off and, err ‘release’ in private. Not to mention the kind that needs some cover noise in a public loo! Is the TMI for you? Well tough because IBS affects one in five people in the UK. Ouch!

I’ve had it on and off for years since having children, I think the early years combined with going back to work set off the stress and left me with little time to eat properly or mindfully, in-between meetings, pick up drops offs and bedtime.

Of course IBS affects everyone differently and I’ve tried several things to help, but nothing seemed to make much of an inroad. Some think IBS is a result of food and drink moving too fast or too slow though gut, which to me makes sense. It’s unrealistic to look for a magic cure and one size fits all miracles, so you have to try and find what works for you. So I’ve been using Symprove for 12 weeks now and for those who can’t wait to know how I got on; it worked more here

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