Local High schools in Crewe and Nantwich

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eclair1 Wed 17-Jun-15 16:43:04

My son is currently in year 9 at Sandbach School and very unhappy. I know about Nantwich schools, but not St Thomas More in Crewe. Although baptised Catholic, my son is not a practising Catholic. Please could any mum's with children at this school give me a honest opinion of the bullying policies, behaviour in class (Including low level disruption) etc. I know academically it is very good, but wanted an "insiders" opinion please?

CheshireEditor Thu 18-Jun-15 18:28:32

Hi there and welcome to the Cheshire pages. I can't help you with either schoolk sorry, not my area. Local on the ground knowledge is best so I will Tweet and Facebook book this for you on our pages and see if we can get you some up to date info!

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