Moving to Tarporley, advice please!!

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Rach46 Thu 31-Jul-14 19:05:25

Hi there,
We're looking at moving to the Tarporley area from the South East. I grew up in Cheshire so I know the area a little.

One thing I'm massively concerned about is getting my son into primary school. He's three but it's unlikely we'll be there by the application deadline. Can anyone tell me how full the primary school is there? Is he likely to get a place after the deadline.

Also, is it a good place for a young family? My hubby will be working in chester and doesn't want more than a half hour commute. We want a lovely large village/small town with a nice high street, eating places and a buzz and a community!

Thanks I'm advance for any help or advice

CheshireEditor Mon 04-Aug-14 10:37:26

Hi and welcome to the Cheshire pages! I live in Knutsford so not too far from Tarporley. I can't give you any advice about the local schools, but I have tweeted out your post @mumsnetcheshire so hopefully someone will be along to offer advice! We also have a Facebook page 'Mumsnet Cheshire' where I have put your request.

I moved from London to Knutsford about 10 years ago and have not looked back, love it!

hockeymama Fri 08-Aug-14 20:47:41

I live in Sandiway and due to a housing boom both schools are full and almost full. Nearby tiny village schools that require a car journey to get to seem to have places so hopefully the same will apply to Tarporley. Best option is to phone the authority and ask how full the list is already and if it looks dodgy which schools nearby will have a greater chance of you getting in. Schools do not hold that information as allocation and lists are held by county until the Spring. Even then it is down to county to allocate places. DO NOt only put one choice on a form like some parents I know!

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