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Claraclock Tue 31-Dec-13 18:51:48

We are moving to the Upton area in the next few months. I know I am limited by a mid school admission for my daughter. Any thoughts on any primary schools in upton and the catholic primary schools I believe there is one on lightfoot street and one in Balcon?.. I have another daughter who will be entitled to 15 hours free in September. Any good preschools? Any comments would be appreciated

Hollerback Tue 31-Dec-13 19:09:22

Mill View in Upton is very very popular (Ofsted outstanding). It is only 1 form entry so you may need to waitlist for it. Upton Heath was in special measures many years ago but is doing really well now after having some new staff and a new focus. I know several families who send their children there and are really happy with it.

I have friends with children at the catholic primary in Hoole (St Werburghs) and they really rate it. Hoole is not too far from Upton but you would need to drive.

Blacon is a very mixed area with one of the largest council estates in Europe, I've not heard anything about St Theresa's Primary there but it's not the nicest of areas TBH.

Be prepared to wait for an in -year place, we moved recently and had to wait 6 weeks for a Y1 place at any Chester primary. There seems to be a bit of a shortage!

CheshireEditor Fri 03-Jan-14 11:49:10

I will tweet this out for you!

Naijadad Thu 06-Mar-14 19:37:59

All the best

Texascake Fri 07-Mar-14 05:59:48

We're in Upton. Mill View, Upton Heath and Acresfield all generally well regarded. Our children go to St. Werburghs, I can honestly say it's a fantastic school, the Head is amazing. My children are very happy there and there is a good community feeling to it which was very important to me. I love living here and am sure you'll be very happy. If you'd like any further info feel free to pm.

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