Best place to park for Chester library?

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DitaVonCheese Tue 08-Nov-11 23:43:46

I fancy trying out the Rhymetime/Storytime sessions at Chester library but not sure where is best to park. Any suggestions? Does it have its own car park? Ta smile

Dragonwoman Wed 09-Nov-11 00:21:39

No you will have to pay in a public car park. The one under the market is the closest that you access from the ring road. Or the short stay accessed by the hotel. But that's only 90 mins max.

DitaVonCheese Wed 09-Nov-11 08:42:06

Fab, thanks. 90 minutes is probably fine tbh smile

LadyOfSnowdon Thu 10-Nov-11 21:32:51

You can park in Handbridge for free and walk over the bridge to the city centre. Otherwise, not much choice. The car park near the bus station is free after 3.30pm and there is some free parking by the river near the park. Those are the places we usuallu use.

bigbadbarry Tue 15-Nov-11 18:35:55

I often go to Rhymetime on a Wednesday morning - tomorrow I will wear my mumsnet scarf and wave a large pom bear about, try to work out who you are!
(However, I go on the bus or I park in Tesco and buy £25-worth of stuff for the free parking. If i really must use a paid carpark, the market is my one of choice.)

DitaVonCheese Tue 15-Nov-11 23:08:46

Thanks lady and barry we're Ikea-ing tomorrow but if we ever make it I'll give DD a Penguin and some nice ham and keep an eye out for you wink

bigbadbarry Wed 16-Nov-11 18:00:18

well I went today and they got some sodding great bear thing in to meet the children, scared my DD silly sad Ikea much less terrifying, I reckon! Town was utterly heaving too.

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