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ah321 Mon 07-Nov-11 16:54:50

I just wanted to share an experience I recently had at Head over Heels in Cheadle, Cheshire. I was visiting the play centre with a friend and her little girl. Both our girls are 19 months. We were in the café waiting for our food order and our girls were eating sandwiches brought from home. We were approached by the manager who said that it was ?against the rules? to bring food in from home. Apparently the ?no food from home rule? extends to toddlers! We were both a bit too shocked to say anything at the time but I have since written a letter of complaint to the manager.

I have received a letter back from them recently basically just defending their position. They think it?s fine to expect parents to pay for proper children?s meals from their café for children as young as ours. I disagree and think it?s outrageous. I?ve never had this experience anywhere else and I just wanted to make people aware of this before they find themselves in the same position.

Emsyboo Thu 05-Jan-12 09:51:46

I found the staff at the Heasd over Heels Cheadle very rude and abusive, I have booked a party for my one year old at the Handforth Head over heels and called to confirm numbers but getting the number for Google I got the wrong one. They answered the phone 'yeah' so I went on to tell them about the change in booking and a very rude girl said 'call back later when the manager is in'
I asked when the manager would be in and she said 'dunno'. I thought her tone was very rude so googled and found bad reviews which worried me about paying a lot to hold a party there. I rang back and got the same girl who was even more rude not asking for a number to call back or name I had to force a message on her then she went and got a pen and paper so I had to repeat again. I never got a call back from the manager so 5 hours later I rang back and got someone else. They had never told me where they were so half way through speaking to someone busy telling me they were in charge while the manager was away I asked where it was. They told me head over heels, I asked which one and she said Cheadle - I have never been so relieved! I told her I had the wrong venue and she said good, so I said I was releived as I was concerned that people had been rude to me and I didn;t want my guests being treated in the same way she said she was glad I wasn't having my party with them. I told her I would be complaining about her and she just said 'yeah you do that!'.
This is only a short break down of the conversation. I rang Handfoth and was immediately greeted with 'hello Head over heels' and the tsaff there were very good. But I will not be going anywhere near the Cheadle branch!!

poorbuthappy Thu 05-Jan-12 09:54:16

This is the case in every soft play place I've been to.
The only food you can take in is baby food - ie under 1 year old.

2jobsmum Mon 23-Jan-12 00:28:37

I'm a regular at the Chorlton Head Over Heels. It was once a second home and a godsend until the little one started school. Now we go most Sunday mornings for breakfast, lots of coffees and a little 'me and the hubby time' with papers. I booked a party last year at the Handforth centre. We had only been once before but it had the WOW factor and it was a special treat. I thought it was expensive when I booked it but changed my mind when I saw what was provided. I've done my rounds of all the other centres and attended parties at some of them and none of them compare or even come close. I've endured rather than enjoyed. Although the kids like them all, some hold their attention more than others. Head Over Heels at Handforth is without a doubt the best place for entertaining the kids as there is so much to do they don't get bored. Ironically it is the only one that times you and you pay on exit, although we stayed an extra 30 minites and only paid and additional 60p.

The telephone number on google is for shoe shop in cheadle called Head Over Heels. I know because I phoned then and they were rude...maybe they get a lot of calls. Head Over Heels Handforth is Head Over Heels Cheadle! The staff at both centres are what makes Head Over Heels. They tend to be older than the staff at other centres and they are what makes the whole experience. They also go between the centres and we were welcomed like old friends on our first visit to Handforth. I think with these places you get what you pay for and we love the facilities, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere and the quality of their food.
In the days of mushy food and sleepless nights, the staff were happy to heat my wizzed up home-made offerings, jars of food and pouches and served them with napkins and plastic baby spoons and cleaned up a mountain of mess under our table with chat and smiles. I don't think any restaurant or play centre allows 'picnics' and the food for kids has lots of healthy options and is good value.

Divatheshopaholic Fri 03-Feb-12 19:19:04

Hi, Can someone help me with the direction to find this place in Cheadle? Thank you.

CCheetham Sun 27-Jan-13 21:16:22

I just booked a party at Head over Heals for my little boy who is about to be 4. It cost over £150 - no cake/party bags btw. Anyway, a lot of money but I was happy to pay it. Then I was told they couldn't post the invitations to me because they wouldn't pay the postage! I'd have to go and pick them up. Is it just me or is that almost laughable - we're talking about the cost of a stamp?! It makes me so cross that these increasingly corporate play centres see us mums coming a mile off, and grasp for every penny, no matter what the lasting impression.

Binlorry Thu 30-May-13 10:23:39

I think 2jobsmum must own the dreadful place. I've never heard anyone describe head over heels in such a positive way! LOL

Voicesinmyear Fri 31-May-13 08:42:05

Never been but agree that I thought this was normal policy in soft play centres.

BCW1977 Mon 09-Dec-13 23:46:35

I take my daughter to Head over Heels every now and again in Cheadle. She loves it and compared to some of the other play centres, it is far better. Just go in, pay and get on with it!!!

They have rules about food for a reason. If they didn't, there would be empty packs of crisps, half eaten sandwiches, apple cores and all sorts of stuff everywhere!!

Then you would be complaining even more!!!!

The food is overpriced and not very good at all, so don't buy it!! Simple.

The main thing that annoys me is the fact that women seem to think sitting in the kids play area taking up all the room, nattering to each other as if it was a mothers meeting is ok!!


There are plenty of places to sit out of the way and still be able to watch over your children. They wont go anywhere!!!

If you are just got on with it and let your kids play without thinking of your own comforts then we would all be better off!!!

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