Potty training fun!

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arkle1 Tue 06-Sep-11 13:14:20

I've recently been potty training my son and he's been doing really well. We were in Chester today on our way to get his hair cut when he needed the toilet, as I'm sure you know when they say this you don't have much time to find somewhere to take them! We were on Watergate street so dived into a cafe called 'The Baristas'. Fortunately there were no potty training accidents however when we were leaving the cafe the cafe owner in my opinion was extremely hostile because my son was using her toilet without purchasing anything from the cafe. We were actually planning to go back there for lunch but I told the cafe owner that I would never go to her cafe again and she said she didn't want me to! My son was quite distressed that the lady had been shouting at me. So I just wanted to warn the parents out there that in my opinion this isn't the most child friendly place to go. Has anyone out there had a similar experience?

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