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irasevage Mon 20-Jun-16 09:15:03

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum. Together with my husband we look to move from London to grow the family. Last weekend we have visited Chelmsford and we really liked the city. We really loved houses near Beaulieu Park! Would love to find out about cons and pros of that particular area.

Thank you,


Olynx Sun 28-Aug-16 07:30:22

Hi, We are moving to Chelmsford from London.. We visited the Chelmsford city centre, the city got almost everything we have in London There is 2 big malls and John Lewis coming soon. We will be living near central Chelmsford. Great for me and baby because we can just buggy along the city centre. The city is so clean. As I got my driving lesson and car now. I can't wait to explore nearby places.... It also so convenient and frequent train ( every 2-8 minutes) from Chelmsford to Stratford only 25 minutes or Liverpool street only 35 minutes. Half hour drive from the beach and Colchester zoo and .Which is great.. I would love recommendation about nursery near central chelmsford and activities for my 1 year boy..

mrsaley1985 Fri 09-Sep-16 11:15:06

Hello lovelies

I moved from Battersea, London to the new development at Beaulieu Park in January. It has taken a little while to transition as I was very down about it to begin with (moving away from friends and getting used to 'country' life as I first imagined it would be - driving more whereas in London you can walk, tube, train more easily etc) however I can now say without a doubt it was the best decision we made!
My daughter has just turned two and I find there is plenty for us to do. We do hartbeeps classes at Springfield parish centre on a Wednesday and toddler sense (or baby sense) classes at the Nuffield leisure centre on Friday, and we are starting baby ballet on Monday at a soft play centre called Mayce Place. We usually have a play date in the week too from mums I've met at classes or thankfully friends coming over from London and vice versa. And there is a great place called Natural Foundations which is all about playing outside - it's not a park, it's outdoor activities set up every day apart from Wednesday such as paddling pool, sandpit, biscuit decorating, forest trail, cooking marshmallows around fireplace, and lots of toys/dolls/pirate ships to muck around with.
Weekends you have Colchester Zoo, Marsh Farm (worth getting an annual pass), Hylands Park, Hyde Hall (definitely worth an annual pass), Tropical Wings, Maldon Promenade and much more.
The town centre is definitely on the up and up. Bond Street opens on the 29th of September - John Lewis, L'Occitane, The White Company, Cineworld, Bills, Byron and more will be within the new complex and all be less than 10 minutes drive from Beaulieu/Springfield area.
As for nurseries, we are seeing Busy Bees and Seymour House which are a 6 minute drive from our home and both are Outstanding ofsted. Schools I admit I've buried my head in the sand a little bit but there are both outstanding and good in the area including New Hall, St Cedds and St Anne's Prepatory if private is your route. I better start researching public primary schools for myself smile
Phew, that's all I can think of right now. If you have any other questions, do ask!

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