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aanamika Thu 07-Mar-13 22:43:23

hi all, we have lived in london for a long time and as many people would like to live outside london for a better quality of life. We are planning to move to chelmsford (as its a commuter city and I live essex). Have got ideas about couple of areas like chelmer village & great badow. are these areas good? Details about other areas would be greatly appreciated..we have a daughter (30 months old).

Also, hows chelsmford and adjoining areas for asian (indian) family? I never had any problems in london and few other areas of Essex (I lived for few years in essex ande enjoyed a lot)...


staceyfordy Tue 12-Mar-13 22:08:00

hi there i live in Chelmsford and work here also chelmer village is a great area for younger families but can be abit chavy with older teenagers, baddow is nice as is springfield in my opinions. commuting is good but sometimes delays due to many reasons, nursery i use for my son is fab and i am hoping he will be attending the chelmer village school. I myself live springfield area very near the city would love to move to chelmer village but the rental market is high. In general chelmsford is a nice place you have o make an effort to meet people then youll be fine hope ive helped abit smile x

aanamika Wed 13-Mar-13 10:45:28

Hi staceyfordy, Thanks for your valuable comments. Springfield is also one of the areas we are targeting, especially near Tyrrell's primary school.
My better-half, works in London, so will be commuting from Chelmsford. Any idea how's the commuting from Chelmer village to Chelmsford town center? (eps. bus services?). One of the reason, why we chose chelmer village or Springfield, is because of the area being common with young families (with children), so, should be free from other issues. Is it very bad with older teenagers even during day time? I thought most of the problems will be related to off hours?

The nursery which you mentioned, is it in Chelmer village?

Thanks again.

HELENVANDEN Fri 29-Mar-13 22:50:45

Living in Roxwell

Hi Girls - Thinking of moving to Roxwell, but am a bit concerned about flooding issues. Does anyone know anyone who as lived there, and can comment on the risk of flood - particularly on 'The Street'? I think they had bad floods in '09 & '11.

Very grateful for any inside info!


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