New mum in south woodham ferrers

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sherri32 Sun 22-Jul-12 11:41:56

Good morning.

i am 32yr old New mum to my beautiful four month old daughter Bethany, but i am also relatively New to south woodham. I have lived here 4years now with my partner Gary but used to work full time in basildon until this year. So i don't know many people in the area and hardly any mum's so i was wondering if anyone can help me with baby groups and stuff i do go to a couple at the chetwood centre which are ok. but i manly go for adult company and conversation as my daughter or dog havent mastered that art yet.
So anyone who wants to talk and don't mind me talking their ears off get i so touch

thanks sherri x

Wetk8 Mon 23-Jul-12 00:46:19

Hi Sherri
Nice to meet you

sherri32 Mon 23-Jul-12 22:00:57

Nice to meet you too

Fitzy78 Sun 26-Aug-12 08:13:10

Hi Sherri,

You sound to be in a similar position as myself - it is hard to meet new people when suddenly your whole life changes with a baby and you've also moved to a new area.

I live in Chelmsford - I'm 34, and have a young son who's 15 months ( he's still not mastered the art of adult conversation yet either...;-) )

I'd be happy to chat further with a view to meeting up - I do go to a few baby groups these days, but also like to do things independently from them with some friends...

Hope to speak soon. Karen x

bubbalina Mon 26-Nov-12 17:27:41


I have lived in SWF for two years, I am 27 and have two girls Hannah and Bethany.

Would also like to meet up.

MmeOgg Wed 13-Mar-13 23:00:05

Hi sherri, I'm in Wickford so not a million miles away from you, but my DCs are older than your wee baby.

Have you visited Creepy Crawlies in SWF yet? They are a great little soft play place - ideal for toddlers (so when your DD is a little older) and they also have various groups that run on different days. I think there is baby signing, music groups etc. There might be something that appeals to you.
this is their website.

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