Tiptree Heath's Animal Fair

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UnkyDunky Thu 19-May-11 10:50:42

Tiptree Heath Animal Fair
On Sunday June 19th, 12 - 4pm we will have a Summer Fair with a
difference - the Tiptree Heath ?Animal Fair?. There will be groups who
deal with rescued animals or local places who work with animals. Our
arena will have displays of dog performances, birds of prey, a Pony demonstration ? although not all at the same time! smile

There will be some fun activities as well related to animals of course (Splat-the-Rat!), a Puppet show and Refreshments both hot and cold and much more!

It's always a fun family day - so come along.

Email me at duncanlauder@gmail.com or visit www.tiptreeheath.co.uk


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