anyone here??!!

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mamimwnci Thu 28-Jun-07 21:31:40

New to mumsnet and just wondering if there is anyone else here??

LinzerTorte Sat 31-Jul-10 23:09:34

Anyone around? I'll be here until 14th August, although this thread has been very quiet recently...

LinzerTorte Wed 16-Jun-10 09:15:34

I've also added this thread to Threads I'm watching and will keep my fingers crossed for an August meet-up!

skihorse Tue 15-Jun-10 23:02:44

Chairmum - before your time I'm afraid - I left in 99. Mine is due next month - I'm just not sure I can be arsed to drive 600 miles (I live in NL) to sit in the Cambrian drinking a Yoda and having someone make jokes about C. wink

Rarebear Tue 15-Jun-10 21:29:32

don't suppose there's a Rhian with a daughter called Leah is there?

helyg Tue 15-Jun-10 21:21:08

Would definitely be up for an Aber meet-up if one is being planned!

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 21:18:34

V. wise idea Chairmum - both the nap and not working at a desk (MN is just far too distracting...).

skihorse - you're another ex-Aber inhabitant then? I'm sure there's eventually going to be someone on here who I know in RL!

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Tue 15-Jun-10 16:26:41

Linzer - I live about 3 hours away.

I was actually having a nap earlier, while DS was at nursery - in between taking him there and back. If I still worked at a desk I would be on mumsnet all day

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Tue 15-Jun-10 16:25:25

skihorse - I have no idea at the moment, still waiting for this baby (now 4 days late), but unless they want a little baby there I doubt it!

Now I'm going to be wondering who you are!

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 15:49:06

Chairmum - you're still there! I was wondering whether things might have got going... (I tend to forget that not everyone spends all day on MN on the computer. I am working - honestly.) grin You're not anywhere near Aber now for a meet-up, I take it?

skihorse Tue 15-Jun-10 15:47:15

er... shameful - possibly shamful too of course.

skihorse Tue 15-Jun-10 15:46:52

Chairmum - at the risk of outing myself - are you going to the compsci reunion in the autumn? Part of me would love to - part of me thinks it'll be shamful! grinblush

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Tue 15-Jun-10 15:43:41

There was a cake shop there in my day - my wedding cake came from there- but I don't think the fishmonger is there any more.

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 15:01:17

Yes, fingers crossed for good weather in the summer - it always seems to pour with rain whenever I'm back!

I'll try to remember too <sticks it on her watched list>

We could always just have an icecream on the prom grin

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 14:44:28

The cake shop def. sounds like it could be worth checking out. smile

I'll have to remember to check this thread before I go back to Aber to see if anything has been arranged. Otherwise, my e-mail address is traungold @ hotmail . com grin

I think the fishmonger's is still there too, I don't think it's been there that long but it makes me put on weight just thinking about it.

I'm not sure when I'm heading back at the moment. I'll let you know, it'll be interesting doing a meetup of complete no-longer-locals grin

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 14:23:30

Well I'll be there from the end of July until mid-August, YouKnowNothing. We should try and arrange a meet-up at the Tree House. smile I'm not sure if I know the cake shop; there used to be a fishmonger's opposite Cheap Charlie's (could still be there) but a cake shop would be a definite improvement!

MNers are virtually non-existent over here; I think there are one or two in Vienna but no meet-ups AFAIK. So would def. be up for a meet-up in the summer if there was one arranged!

Linzer I'm another ex-Aberite smile

I head home every few months, Ma and Pa are still back there. I'd love to know if any meetups were going on when I was around. There're limited numbers of MNers up here, they're all a bit few and far between!

I like the Treehouse, and there's a lovely little cake shop just over the road from Cheap Charlie's that I really hope is still there when I'm back over the summer.

BessieBoots Tue 15-Jun-10 13:48:12

That's the caff, LinzerTorte- Very nice indeed...

CAT is great. Locals get in free so we're there ALL THE TIME. blush

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 13:45:34

Strange to think we could well have passed each other in the street there! I was back for three or four months in 2002, but otherwise mainly at holiday times.

I did wonder whether you might have known a friend of mine in the history department - I can't remember when she finished her PhD (late 90s I suspect), but I have the feeling she might have done some teaching as well. It's probably very unlikely, though - that would be too much of a coincidence!

<apologies for hijack>

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Tue 15-Jun-10 13:20:27

'98 - 2004

Did a year of history, changed to Computer Science (yes I know, bit of a change but I did both as a-levels) and also a year between my 2nd and 3rd year's working at the uni as a sort of teaching assistant!

I went back a couple of months ago for the day. Its a bit wierd - the same but very different

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 12:52:05

I tend to keep it quiet. wink No, only joking - I was also there for five years, but probably a while before you were in Aber as I left after A levels. My parents are still there though, so I usually go back a couple of times a year. So when were you there Chairmum? What were you studying? <nosey emoticon>

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Tue 15-Jun-10 12:38:44

Linzer - didn't realise you were an ex-aberite?

I was there for 5 years for uni!

LinzerTorte Tue 15-Jun-10 12:13:03

Yes, the Quarry cafe is lovely too if it's the one I'm thinking of (on the main street). We sometimes take the DC to Mach when we're back in Aber as they love the train ride (seeing sheep is such a novelty to them!); haven't been to the Centre for Alternative Technology for years though.

BessieBoots Tue 15-Jun-10 11:59:05

Ooooh, the Tree House is lovely... As is the Quarry Caff in Machynlleth (Owned by The Centre For Alternative Technology.)

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