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ellieper Wed 22-Apr-09 13:31:41

Hi, I have just moved to cardiff, llanishen and have 2 kids and would love to meet other mums in the area for coffee, walks and play dates. Also any advise on local nurseries.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 26-Apr-09 00:03:51

Hi ellieper, I'm afraid the Cardiff board is a bit quiet!!! Welcome to Cardiff though, it's a great place and I hope you like it. Where've you come from?

What do you need to know about nurseries? DS went to Acorns, many moons ago. I liked them.

ellieper Sun 26-Apr-09 20:09:54

Hi, Thanks for replying we have moved from Cheltenham, so not too far but I know no one. I have looked at Acorns looks nice, do you know anything about little angels in town or nazereth house as i will be working a few days in town and they might be handy. How old are your kids.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 26-Apr-09 20:24:54

Welcome to Wales!

I live in Barry, but a friend of mines' dd went to Nazareth House before they moved away and they were very happy with it.

raffyandted Mon 27-Apr-09 14:33:29

Hi Ellieper, I live in Whitchurch & my son aged 3 is in Toad Hall nursery in Station Road, Llandaff North. It's a lovely nursery, the staff are great. He only recently started there after his old nursery (also great) had to close & it took me ages to find something that I was happy with that had vacancies!

I hear that the nursery in the Government Buildings in Ty Glas rd, llanishen (I think it's the Inland revenue) is also very well thought of. I don't think you have to work there to apply for a place.

supersalstrawberry Mon 27-Apr-09 14:48:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsjammi Tue 28-Apr-09 01:28:43

Message withdrawn

ellieper Wed 29-Apr-09 14:04:05

Hi All,
Thanks for all your advise on nurseries. It is always a bit of a mare when you move somewhere new. I have not moved down yet, moving middle of may so if anyone wants to meet then that would be great. Mrsjammi fridays sound good so i will be in contact.

hockeypuck Wed 29-Apr-09 14:27:47

Hi Ellieper

I live near Llanishen. I have 2 DCs aged 6 and 3.

I'm not sure about full-time nurseries, although I do know the owners of Little Angels in town and it seems very nice. In terms of part time nurseries, they tend to get full very quickly, but you may be in luck with some places if you phone around.

Not sure how old your dcs are but there are no nursery vouchers in Wales so if you want them to have free nursery places for half a day these are all based in the primary schools, in seperate buildings. I know all the schools in the Llanishen area so let me know if you want any information on them. The intake for nurseries is normally the term after they are 3 or if the nursery is full, then it is the September after they are 3 and it is for 2 1/2 hours per day, either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons.

Good luck with the move, Cardiff is a lovely place, I've been here for 12 years now, having moved from Hampshire after uni and it's definitely become home for me now, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

missblythe Wed 29-Apr-09 14:45:18

DD is 3 and at Toad Hall in Llandaff North, like Raffy's DS, and I am thrilled with it-it's not too far from Llanishen, though in traffic might be a bit of a pain.

If you will be working in town, though, I would have a look at the Acorns on Park Grove, 2 mins from the National Museum/City Hall. It was the only other one I considered for DD, and I thought it was fab-lovely big space, nice garden, teh food looked excellent, I was really impressed.

I have heard not-so-good things about Naz House and Little Angels (the only outside space they have is a yard at the back of the train station, for example, and the food seemed to be v. dodgy), but I'm sure that plenty of people are very happy with it.

Welcome to Cardiff!

hockeypuck Wed 29-Apr-09 15:34:13

Oh yes, I forgot that Acorns in town missblythe. I've heard good things from there. It also backs on to the university daycare, which some people are very happy with (although DS hated it!!). All waiting lists are long as far as I can tell though.

Would childminders be an option ellie? You should be able to get a list of names from your new health visitor. I know a very good childminder in Caerphilly, 4 miles or so away, if you need contacts. She is just setting up her childminding business so still has some vacancies. DS is happy as larry with her.

notanidea Tue 05-May-09 09:51:55

Welcome to cardiff.Have you sorted the childcare? Good luck.I am new to the board as well.It is a very quiet board.

ellieper Wed 06-May-09 20:46:01

Hi All,
Thanks for the messages, it has been a real help. I moved yesterday which was exausing with 2 kids and doing it our selves. (not a great idea). Anyway in and settling down a bit so if any one fancies a cuppa let me know, I will look forward to meeting some locals. E

titch74 Fri 08-May-09 14:40:37

I am brand new too and brand new to motherhood or will be in August - anyone else expecting?
Been in Cardiff since Nov - absolutely love it!!!

ellieper Fri 08-May-09 14:47:04

Wow, you must be sooooo excited. Congratulations, do you know what you are having? I am really looking forward to living in cardiff, poeple seem friendly here. Let me know wen you have news.

Fiona06 Sat 06-Jun-09 11:06:24

Hi ellieper
welcome to Cardiff. I have one child 3 years old and another due in October. I have been living in Llanishen since November and love it here. I would love to meet up.

Welshgirl78 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:47:41

Hi Ellieper,

I do hope that you're settled in now and have met lots of lovely people!

My name is Sara and I have a 10 month old baby boy called Sam. We live in Pontprennau which is only about 5 mins away (by car) from Llanishen.
Unfortunately, we won't be around for long as we are re-locating to the US. The reason for my post is that we had Sam booked in at Little Acorns nursery in Llanishen (I think it's station road) but I will be cancelling it today - it's just to let you know that a place would be available there if you needed a nursery.
Sara xx

ellieper Sun 14-Jun-09 19:07:11

Thanks for your replys. I will look in to acorns in llanishen, I have looked at it and it seems very nice si thanks for the tip. Hope you have a great time in the US we have just moved back from there in december and we loved it. Really sad to leave there.
Fiona06- it would be great to meet how would it be best to arrange. My no is 07736677278.
Also Mrsjammi sorry i have not been in contact but my kids have had shingles and chicken pox however all better now so it would also be great to meet you.

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