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roxyha Mon 10-Nov-14 12:34:48

Hi everyone, i need some help and advise.
me and my partner have decided we want to move to wales from Brighton, we are looking to move within 15 miles of Cardiff, can anyone recommend some nice areas. we also have two daughters ages 2 and 4. both our jobs are very flexible for relocating.
we are looking for nice areas with good schools but not over priced.
thanks everyone!

pamhill64 Thu 04-Dec-14 20:00:45

Hi Roxyha
Funny as my son lives in Brighton as in Uni so I know it fairly well lol. I live in Cardiff myself so it really depends on what you want, rural or city, type of schools you want (english or welsh speaking- no you don't need a parent to speak welsh to send your child there and they have even higher results than some primary schools around, but depends if you plan to stay I guess) etc. Frankly I suppose it also depends on your class too as to where you feel comfortable.
Cardiff itself is a very vibrant and interesting city that I love dearly. It has everything culturally Brighton can offer yet much more green and open. Only 20 minutes to the nearest seaside (although nothing like Brighton's lol), a major shopping city and an excellent Bay area with everything from top restaurants to London shows. 30 minutes see you in deep countryside so I think its a fantastic base personally.
I live in the Grangetown suburb of Cardiff. Some might say it is deprived but I think it has everything to offer. Yes it is very culturally diverse, but I like that vibrancy personally and it is much cheaper (or bigger properties) than elsewhere. I can walk into the city centre or down to the Bay for all the restaurants, shows, museums and shops I could ever wish for. We also have an international swimming pool, white water rafting/surfing school and ice rink on our door step as well as several retail parks. All can be walked to from here. I can drive to Penarth in 10 minutes or Barry Island in under 30 minutes. As for schools, its a mixed bag here; St Paul's has good results (a christian school) but Grangetown Primary lags behind. Theres talk of a welsh school being built and consultations are ongoing but there is an excellent Welsh School in nearby Canton called Pwll Coch, which feeds into an excellent high school. Lots of children do go to Penarth St Cyres high school from here but there are fairly good high schools locally to choose from, but more available if you go via a church school.
All the other areas listed below are much less culturally diverse and as such non-white faces are limited, although this is improving.
I suppose a flavour of Brighton could be said to be found in the Roath suburb area of the city. There are some excellent and middling schools and a top-class high school in the shape of Cardiff High, but house prices can command a premium because of that (but still think they don't exceed Brighton/London prices) so you might consider it worthwhile.
If you want a more seaside town then Penarth is a good choice and about 20 mins from Cardiff city centre but actually in the Vale of Glamorgan. Again house prices can vary and the best schools are to be found around the Stanwell catchment area and corresponding top-ranking High school. A multitude of house designs and prices ensure Penarth is a sought-after location.
A small town named Cowbridge is about 30-45 minutes out in the Vale of Glamorgan and is again a sought after place, excellent schools. Quite small and rural but very independent so the tiny high street is quite vibrant with independent shops. Its about mid-distance between Cardiff and Bridgend (another larger town).
Newport city is quite a mixed-bag in terms of socio-economic diversity (although so is Cardiff really) but house prices are generally cheaper than Cardiff. Basseleg, Allt Yr Yn, Stow Hill areas are more affluent and pricy suburbs but can have better schools.
Its a difficult one without knowing you personally and your own wish list but hope this helps a tiny bit. If I can help more then contact me on

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