Nursery/pre-school placed Pontcanna- Help!!!

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Limdseyloo Wed 05-Jun-13 16:22:34

Hi all,
We have recently moved to Pontcanna, our DD is 2.5, and just received info about choosing a preschool for her for January.
I really would appreciate advice, I'm thinking about Llanfaff city primary for the following year (fingers crossed!) but at present she goes to a private nursery 1 day a week at my work.
Any recommendations would be fab!
Thanks in advance xx

cleas Wed 19-Jun-13 13:00:03

Hi Limdseyloo
There is a smashing welsh-language pre-school in Radyr that I can honestly recommend. My little one loves it there. I know there are lots other children that attend from the Pontcanna/Llandaff area.
Hope that helps,

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