Any twin mums in Cardiff?

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Proudtwinmum Mon 11-Jun-12 20:51:03


Just wondering if there are any twin mums in Cardiff? I'm sure there are as I have joined Cardiff Twins Club but have not yet attended any of their events etc.

I have 15 week old (9 week adjusted age) twin girls. They were born 6 weeks early at 34+2 due to IUGR in twin 2 (she stopped growing) and no reason has been found for why she stopped growing but happy to say they are both doing well now. R is now 11lb4 & M is 9lb4. Can't believe next week they will be 4 months old!

Look forward to chatting to you smile

minesapintofwine Sat 23-Jun-12 01:46:48

Hi I am so glad I saw this. I have dts ages 20 weeks and I dont live in Cardiff but I live in the Rhymney valley is that ok? only as I dont know any other twin mums and I dont like that! Are your twins id? mine are non-id boys. Where were your dts born? smile back at you

minesapintofwine Sat 23-Jun-12 01:47:22

I didnt even know there was a twins club in cardiff how do you join up?

Cornichiwa Sun 24-Jun-12 23:22:25

Hi I'm expecting non ID twins in 16 days... Haven't gone to the twins club in Cardiff yet but am planning on it. I live in llandaff and have a toddler already. Glad to hear yours are ok, have been concerned about the bumps needing special care but as I am now 35 weeks will hopefully avoid it.
The twins club website is
Maybe see you there?

eccles1993 Sun 11-Aug-13 15:05:19

Hey, I'm a twin mum in Cardiff, I run two pages on face book. (Uk twin mummies) and (south Wales twin groups events and offers) we held our first twin picnic in the park at cosmeston lake in June, if you are on Facebook come join us x

I'm only 19 and I have 19month old fraternal girls x

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