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jkd10 Tue 12-Jun-12 20:16:14

Hi ladies

Thanks for all the great advice! Wonderful news today - we went to llandaf city for a look around and were told a child had dropped out and we have a place. It's a 2 min walk from the new house and the place seemed really nice so we're all set for September.

With such lovely mums helping me out on here I'm hoping it means I'll get to meet some great mums in the area when I move.


sazzleevans Fri 08-Jun-12 07:59:21


Lots of the local schools to you are very good. It's when the child gets to high school age in my opinion that things change.

As well as your list you could consider Hawthorn in Llandaff North that's not too far for you either. Lakeside in my opinion is way too far when you have so many nice schools around you with local kids attending. My mum was a teacher at lakeside for years. It's a loveky school too but really it's too far in my opinion.

Radyr wouldn't be too far and traffic easier that way, same with Danescourt. I probably wouldn't consider Fairwater only because I don't really know it and there's others just as easy to get too.

There's a nice catholic school which I know accepts non Catholics, St Joseph's. Head is loveky and school has nice atmosphere.

If you attend church you could try Llandaff City?

If I can help just ask!

kat1885 Sat 02-Jun-12 12:29:39

If you really really can't get into any of your preferred schools out of that list Danescourt is the best. It's miles away (from me too as I live in Whitchurch) but we have applied for Lakeside which is one of the best schools in Cardiff who still have limited spaces as all the schools in Whitchurch are full.

jewelly69 Mon 28-May-12 13:57:19

good luck......dnt forget to mention you moved from outside cardiff and dnt settle for less,,they might put you on waiting list or state that you might have to keep her home tiill a place becomes available......dnt give up..they choose who to let in,,,,if you want he best for yr daughter thats what they like to hear ,,,,please let me knw how you get on,xx

jkd10 Sun 27-May-12 22:30:04

Thanks so much for this, I'm going to start calling tomorrow and arrange viewings so we can hopefully get hold of the heads .... The move from London was all about doing the best for my daughter so don't want to end up in the wrong school by not knowing how much to push them... Fingers crossed!!!!

jewelly69 Sun 27-May-12 14:23:28

radyr primary is where my son attends..they have diffrnt criterias for children and families moving into the area..had my son startd september he would not have got in, was because he was bullied in another school... i would recommend you ring the headteachers of radyr and llandaff city church in wales primary and explain you have moved into the area from outside cardiff.... all schools are full in september,,, but having said that they always keep places back for people who move into catchment area..they have to..... they just cant annonce that,,phone them,,explain,,,,tell them your circumstances,, i am not one to be judgemental,,, but for good education in nice enviroment,, ,,i would say radyr,,, llandaf city..whitchurch...there is also another school in radyr,,,will have to find out name,oh st fagans have a chucrh in wales school also... they are by far the best options,,dont give in ,,i nvever ,,, my son cldnt be happier, a fantastic school in every sense. and has come on leaps and bounds ..xx

jkd10 Sat 26-May-12 23:55:16


I too am looking for the best school possible - where would you recommend? Not being local means I have no idea on which schools are held in best regard for a good education - hoping for some pointers on here. I also heard Radyr primary was good but that is full for Sept too....

jewelly69 Sat 26-May-12 17:39:51

hi..glad your offer was accepted..llandaff is a lovely place to live... school choices are all a matter of personal prefernce really..what you want for your child.? i travel 4 and a half miles a every day and that is just their because i want my son to have a good education..the best he can, if your happy to send them to any of your listed ones then thats all that matters.i pass these schools everyday as they was not suitable for my son and the way he is, but again its a personal preference. all schools are diffrent.. .so is every child.hope this helps smile

jkd10 Sat 26-May-12 17:27:34

After everyone was so helpful with my last post I'd now appreciate some local schools advice.

The good news is our house offer got accepted so we will be living in Llandaff (just down from the BBC). I understand the most local school City in Llandaff Primary is over subscribed so wondered what recommendations you had in the area.

I've been told Danescourt, Peter Lea and Fairwater Primary have spaces but would be great to hear of local thoughts on these.

sorry for all these questions but moving into an unknown area and hadn't really thought about problems with finding a good school with space.

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