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BigelmamEfa Wed 25-Apr-12 20:48:02

Hello everyone / Shwmai!

Our daughter has just been accepted at Ysgol y Wern Nursery school in September. As its a part time place and we both work full time, does anyone have any ideas how we can manage this?

She currently goes to day care, so I spose we will be able to carry on taking her there for half a day, but will need someone to either take her to Ysgol y Wern for the afternoon session, or, take her from Ysgol y Wern at lunchtime to day care for the afternoon session.

We don't know whether she will be in YyW for the morning or afternoon session yet, so, until we do, not much we can do. But, at least we can start thinking about options around it. i think this is called wraparound care??

So, is anyone out there in the same position as us? We're open to advice, help and guidance..... help!!!!


sarachildminder Mon 30-Apr-12 13:17:34

I am a childminder in Ysgol Y Wern. Alot of parents use this option for childcare. We care for your child for one session (morning or afternoon) and then take them to school, and collect depending on what time you finish work. If you are intrested in chatting about this option with me 07737696902 smile

BigelmamEfa Wed 09-May-12 21:15:11

Hi Sarachildminder

That's great.. can you give me a bit more details, please? what exactly do you mean by 'take them to school'. when she is not in YyW - she would need to go back to the current day care she has now in Llanishen. Would you do this? I'm a bit confused, sorry...

thanks for replying.. its proving very difficult to get something sorted, so far....

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