Hello mums in Cardiff!

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Reenypip Tue 10-Jan-12 22:05:42

Hiya! How many are mums that live in Cardiff on here?

fuzzypeach1750 Mon 16-Jan-12 19:20:40

I'm not in Cardiff but not too far away. Penarth girl born and raised, spent 24 years there but am now somewhere much greener but not too far!

mumatron Mon 16-Jan-12 19:21:22

I feel the need to go and buy a mumsnet scarf and start carrying pom bears around with me

fuzzypeach1750 Mon 16-Jan-12 19:23:12

Ha yes! Maybe we could invent a secret nod too?!

MrsKitty Mon 16-Jan-12 20:28:01

I always assume there's other MNetters around me, and make sure I don't do anything that'll land me in AIBU thread!

I had a little chuckle to myself when John Lewis started having PomBears in their kids lunchbox selection - Had to wonder if it was due to target market research grin

We've been here 8 years.

MrsKitty Mon 16-Jan-12 20:31:17

By 'here' I mean Cardiff, not MN (although DS, and therefore MN, was only a few years later.)

Reenypip Mon 16-Jan-12 22:39:38

Hi, I'm alright, thank you for asking. I've been through a lot worse :-) I'm a fighter :-)

SensitivityChip Mon 16-Jan-12 22:44:48

I noticed Pom Bears for sale in an activity centre the other day and had a quick look around to see if anyone else had noticed. I'm sure the owner must be a MNer! grin

SensitivityChip Mon 16-Jan-12 22:45:26

Glad you're ok, Reeny!

Reenypip Mon 16-Jan-12 22:48:41

Are there any disabled mums in Cardiff?

Wailywailywaily Thu 19-Jan-12 14:27:46

Can anyone tell me please what is a pom bear? just so that I'll know you when I see you smile

MrsKitty Fri 20-Jan-12 12:47:16

It's a brand of potato-y crisp type snack that is formed into the shape of bears. and they are vile

Wailywailywaily Fri 20-Jan-12 13:41:23

smile I googled it and came up with an online kids game with sugary sweet vile looking characters.
The crisps sound nicer, I'll keep a look out as I'm sure there are more MNers in Cardiff than this

NoWuckingFurries Sun 22-Jan-12 14:56:50

Do any of you Cardiff mums go to buggy fit? I've suspected a couple but had no confirmation outs self

mumatron Sun 22-Jan-12 15:11:08

Never heard of buggy fit. Where do you do that?

mumatron Sun 22-Jan-12 15:11:08

Never heard of buggy fit. Where do you do that?

fuzzypeach1750 Sun 22-Jan-12 15:12:12

Hi hi grin

tallpoppies Sun 22-Jan-12 15:12:15

Not yet but moving nearby in July!

NoWuckingFurries Sun 22-Jan-12 15:40:41

You can do it in Roath Park on Mondays and Fridays, Esporta on Tuesdays and pontcanna fields on Wednesdays and Thursdays which I go to It's great because it means you can burn off some calories without having to find a babysitter and it's a really chatty supportive environment. I could've sworn there were at least a couple of mnetters going! Maybe they're hiding...

NoWuckingFurries Sun 22-Jan-12 15:41:35

<stalks fuzzy > grin

fuzzypeach1750 Sun 22-Jan-12 16:25:09

Hi nowucking grin

mum4d Mon 23-Jan-12 17:41:04

Hi, I'm in Cardiff too!
I don't log on very often...
I have 2 children - 6yo DS, and 2yo DD.

fuzzypeach1750 Mon 23-Jan-12 20:28:49

Welcome grin

LalasMama Mon 23-Jan-12 20:31:24

I'm in Bridgend! Got a dd 22months and ds 7 months smile

Spanglemum Wed 25-Jan-12 20:43:29

I'm in N Cardiff. Been here 3 years. Have a 5 and 4 yr old.

fuzzypeach1750 Wed 25-Jan-12 21:16:43

Hi everyone grin

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