Hello mums in Cardiff!

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Reenypip Tue 10-Jan-12 22:05:42

Hiya! How many are mums that live in Cardiff on here?

MrsKitty Tue 10-Jan-12 22:06:21


Franchini Tue 10-Jan-12 22:07:53

I live in Splo!

SixtyFootDoll Tue 10-Jan-12 22:17:34

Not Cardiff, but not far away. Hello!

Staceroo Tue 10-Jan-12 22:35:02

Bridgend here - so not too far either! Mum to an 8 week old baby girl so looking to see what fun mum and baby things we can do nearby!!

hobnobsaremyfave Fri 13-Jan-12 14:03:04


mumatron Fri 13-Jan-12 22:38:43

another one in splott/adamsdown.

cleas Sat 14-Jan-12 09:08:07

And me grin
Doesn't seem to be too many of us?

HobnobsAreMyFave Sat 14-Jan-12 11:08:26

I thought ther would be more too!

Clearlymisunderstood Sat 14-Jan-12 11:20:48

I'm from Cardiff smile

MrsKitty Sat 14-Jan-12 12:00:41

I'm sure there's more - They must all be hiding!

Wailywailywaily Sat 14-Jan-12 12:08:43

Ten minutes cycle over the barrage to Cardiff for me smile, Mum to two boys. Are we needed for something?

mumatron Sat 14-Jan-12 13:22:53

I know of a few more south wales mumsnetters but there aren't that many of us tbh.

Nena0402 Sat 14-Jan-12 14:32:00

I've just joined mumsnet today. I live in Penylan and have lived in cardiff for 8 1/2 years. I have two children (11 and 6) and one on the way in May.

Nice to 'meet' you all!

SensitivityChip Sat 14-Jan-12 14:38:36

Bridgend here but I lived in Cardiff for a few years when I was at uni so know my way around. Admittedly my idea of a good time had a lot less to do with parks and soft play in those days though! grin

cupcakefairy Sun 15-Jan-12 09:24:57

Hi ladies..I'm in Cardiff too smile have to admit I've hardly come across any s.Wales MNers in the almost-3 years I've been on here...so hello smile

I have a 19-month-old ds and one on the way in May too Nena smile

Reenypip Mon 16-Jan-12 17:35:47

Hi, sorry haven't replied to any of you, was admitted to hospital (uhw) last week for an emergency op.

Reenypip Mon 16-Jan-12 17:37:37

I started the topic just to see if there were any mums who live in Cardiff, to chat to each other and share experiences.

MrsKitty Mon 16-Jan-12 18:05:34

Hope you're OK Reenypip?

fuzzypeach1750 Mon 16-Jan-12 18:06:50

Hi everyone grin finally some locals!!

MrsKitty Mon 16-Jan-12 18:11:05

I've been around for years fuzzy, Just usually rather quiet and lurky!

NoWuckingFurries Mon 16-Jan-12 18:13:18

I'm quiet and lurky too smile but born and raised in Cardiff. Hello all!

fuzzypeach1750 Mon 16-Jan-12 19:11:21

So lovely to meet you all! Was starting to wonder if I was all alone down here grin

mumatron Mon 16-Jan-12 19:15:11

I've been here years and have only 'met' a few locals. not sure if I like knowing there are other mners so close.

I may have to start making an effot when out and about in future grin

Hope your feeling better reeny

poorbuthappy Mon 16-Jan-12 19:16:27

I'm up the road in a more roman area. So I'll shout.......


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