Advice on assesments for reception at Northbridge house/Lyndhurst etc?

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crouchender Thu 16-Apr-09 18:50:08

Just starting the rounds of interviews and assessments for the independent north london primary schools for my 2 yr old. Daunted by the whole thing (did not grow up in London!)Can anyone give me any tips? Are we being asessed as well as the kids? Guidance greatfully received.

toomanylanguages Sun 31-May-09 20:47:57

hey- not sure you still read this but i went to NB with dd last week. she played in a corner while i talked with the headmistress. i am fairly sure they just want to check the children don't have any obvious SN, and the parents are middle class etc. but tbh, i doubt they are that oversubscribed as they take about 90 children each year!

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