recommendation for a GP in Hampstead?

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NewInHampstead Tue 28-Oct-08 13:43:26

We recently moved to the area and I am looking for a recommendation for a good GP in Hampstead who accepts new patients and is good with toddlers. Our daughter is 19 months old and I'd like to register for a general check-up before she catches her first cold of the season. We are just in between Hampstead tube station and Finchely road. -- I got one recommendation for the Daleham gardens practice, but the person used to take the kids there when she was an au pair in the area 11 years ago - so I'd be keen to get more up to date info.

Many thanks in advance!

UKCanadianMum2B Fri 14-Nov-08 07:45:29

I've been at the Adelaide Media Centre on Adelaide Road for years and have found them great. They offer on line appoints and have a great team of doctors. I don't know if you're in the catchment but it's worth a try.

Good luck!

kcoflondon Fri 19-Dec-08 01:50:39

The park end surgery nw3 is great , was upset when I moved out of the catchment area. That was about 3 years ago so dont think it would have changed too much what I liked is the play area and sat morning opening which a lot dont have so good luck.

dinkystinky Tue 27-Jan-09 20:38:05

Fleet Road surgery NW3 was great - think it covers south end green area though.

IssyWH Thu 08-Nov-12 04:39:44

Hampstead Group Practice is good as long as you don't mind waiting. and waiting. for an appointment. Try and get the head of practice. I think it will cover your area. good luck.

ronhampstead Fri 16-Nov-12 12:30:19

I am at Keats practice and my baby is 11 weeks old and the nurses and doctors are very good also very helpful.

TinyTear Fri 22-Feb-13 13:06:12

I second the Keats Group Practise
I have a 13 month old and they are really good when I need appointments.
Also some days I come back from nursery and want her seen and they always fit me in for a quick 10 minute emergency appointment that evening - great when you need conjunctivitis drops that day...

happyhamper Fri 08-Mar-13 02:54:30

I can't recommend the Keats Group Practice. Unfortunately my experiences there have been terrifically bad and I'm not alone (many of my friends have left the practice to join Dr Gertner on Rosslyn Hill). I usually wait at least 15 minutes just to speak to a receptionist who then tells me there are no appointments available for the next 2 days. As you're new to the area you may not recall the tragic death of baby Albie - the doctor concerned who admitted his mistakes which led to Albie's death was employed by the Keats Group (the case was widely reported in the press - you can read more at

TinyTear Wed 13-Mar-13 13:57:04

Don't think that doctor is there, can't remember than name and I have been here since 2009.

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