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lottybee Sun 11-Nov-07 12:15:49

Hello. I had my first baby 3 years ago in St Thomas' when I lived south of the river but now I've moved to West Hampstead and am pregnant again. The GP has suggested either UCLH or Royal Free. I know one person who had a poor experinece at Royal Free but would love to hear some more opinions as I don't know about either. I veer towards natural birth but really just want to know from mothers who have given birth at these hospitals.

zinnia Tue 04-Dec-07 12:45:23

Hello lottybee - I've not got personal experience of either I'm afraid but also live in W Hampstead and think I'm going with Royal Free, partly because it's so much nearer. Know a few people who've given birth there (including my cousin) and they only have positive things to say about the actual labour experience though post-natal reviews mixed.

My BF is at UCLH but she's due in June so not actually given birth there yet! She's v positive about them so far though - apparently Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (the maternity unit) is moving to the new building in June.

Also have you looked at the Healthcare Commission report on mothers' experiences that came out last week? www.healthcarecommission.org.uk/tinyurl.com/2hfllp

lucymum2four Thu 06-Aug-09 17:40:24

Lottybee, we live in west hampstead also.
i would say uch as i had all mine there. and friends/relatives that have chosen rf not happy..i had mine on the home birthing unit Bloomsbury birth centre not sure if its been moved to new building? but had fantastic experience each time and would chose to go back there over rf anyday.

akamummy Mon 07-Sep-09 09:47:10

Avoid Royal Free. I gave birth to mine at UCH - wonderful pre-natal care and care in labour (even better now its in a brand new building) but have loads of friends who chose Royal Free and every single one (without exception) had a horrific experience.
Another thing worth considering is that UCH has the best special care baby unit so if your new baby has any problems at all, it has the best facilities to deal with them. My friend gave birth at Royal Free and her very sick newborn was whisked off to UCH for care after the birth - baby is fine but those 15 minutes in the ambulance could have been avoided if she chose UCH in the first place.

angelz Mon 05-Oct-09 17:44:45

I just had my ds at UCLH and I cannot fault the care - they were simply amazing. I was there for 2 days because of c-section and they were so attentive and caring. I will def. be staying in the area until we have next child! I have heard a few bad stories from RF too, so if I had the choice I would opt to avoid.

patsy82 Mon 26-Oct-09 09:34:17

I was about to give birth in Royal Free, but after I encountered bad opinions about it I decided to swap for St. Mary's hospital, and that was 100% right decision to make!!!! also had natural birth in their fab Birth Centre, which is on the ground floor of the hospital. Very luxurious, spacious birth room with all the necessary equipment, and even better room that you get for yourself, baby and your partner after you give birth ( double bed, crib, changing unit, nursing chair and ensuite bathroom). Excellent care natal and postnatal! This Birth centre is very new, around 1.5-2 years old. Everything is absolutely free!
Good luck!!!

coco77 Mon 26-Oct-09 14:02:05

Patsy82, I have heard a lot of good things about st marys and am moving north soon - mid nov, my baby is due in feb, did you have any problems getting in there? I have encountered some GPS (purely on a speculative basis) who have been very fixed on catchment areas etc..


patsy82 Mon 26-Oct-09 19:51:06

well, when I went at first to GP, he declined to move me to St Mary's; then I called to hospital myself, but the midwife there told me that it will be difficult to change to another ( St Mary's hospital) as I was already I think 34 weeks pregnant, but I didn't give up and went again to GP, but other that before, this time it was a woman doctor and had no problems with moving me to St Mary's .

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