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viennetta Sat 24-Sep-16 16:55:09

Dear fellow mums, would you please help me in understanding which the best state primary schools are in the area?
Really liked St Emmanuel's when I toured it... unlikely to get in though.
Does any of you have their children at St Emmanuel's, St Luke's or Beckfords? How about other Camden primary schools? Which ones do you recommend?
Any point in looking at the independent schools? do you really get a better education because you pay for it? intuitively I would prefer state school for my children, but I did not grow up in England and find the competitiveness of the school system daunting.
Advice would be much appreciated

roselover Wed 28-Sep-16 10:25:09

We are at Hampstead Parochial school in Hampstead -(Twins year 2) - we live in West Hampstead - we love it!!!! Its just been named as the number one school for stats in Camden - that makes it in the top 1% in the country - the year sixes go onto great schools - so academically we love it - but the best bit is the great set of parents you will find there - we have great social events (we take over the Everyman cinema - have food from around the world nights - quiz nights - and the usual) - I have been on holiday with other families - there is a great mix of people - from the bankers to the single parents like me - I had cancer this year and they all rallied round and were amazing - Love our school ...and its a good walk up the hill to school.

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