new to the area, help with primary schools

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paol13 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:04:10

Hi all,

next month I'm moving from abroad to London and I have identified Camden as good area to stay for several reasons. My son will start reception in Septemper 2017, so I have to apply to schools by next January. Our idea is for state schools at the moment, and for this reason I'll pick a place well within admission distance from good state schools. I can only rely on published results and reviews online, because these schools are closed now for summer break and I can't visit them.
I'm targeting either Primerose Hill Primary School or Hawley Infant (which I'm told will be in the new building by then).
First, would you confirm they are outstanding schools, and second, if you were to choose, which one would you prefer and why? Also, how would you rate these with respect to indipendent ones? Thanks!

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